Monday, October 1, 2007

whoa is my debit card!

So I need to CONTROL the spending on this hobby. lol.

So much cute stuff and it is NOT even xmas.

*points proudly to the widget* I am now a premier member at I can't wait to get my album and other goodies. I also got the following:

This picture does not do the clipitup organizer it's due. As you all could infer - if I were to have two mentors in this new hobby of mine it is definately and both amazingly talented ladies! I hope to be as creative as them one of these days! Anyways - since I can't really cut and paste Martha's amazing craft room - I had to make due with the above. If you read her blog - her hubby did something very similar but nailed it to the wall! So it is like a clipit on 'roids! And it looks fab and it is totally productive to creativity. Since my craft space is small and temporary - the above had to do ... until I win the lotto! lol.

Also congrats to Sarah of for being on the design team of Lizzie anne designs! WOOT GO SARAH!

Okay must get back to the grind.... Nan

Ps - will upload picys of Aine's FABULOUS shopping weekend. lol YES my dog.

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Martha Bonneau said...

I am going to go broke in the SIS boutique! Can't wait to see what goodies Aine snagged over the weekend.

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