Wednesday, October 17, 2007

SQUEE ! I have been TAGGED!

I've been tagged by uber awesome MARTHA! This totally rocks - I love being tagged!

List four jobs I have had:
1. Teen board at Marshall Fields *snort* You should see THE PICTURE. Omg.
2. PR person for the Art Institute of Chicago
3. Tech Writer *zzzz*
4. "sourcing professional" So many ways to define that baby! I have been a buyer and a negociator etc etc. I love my current job and i love where I work - now I am getting my CPM and I feel like I want to shut down and just STUDY. Lol.

Movies I Could Watch Over & Over:
This is REALLY hard to limit this to 4!
1. Ferris BUELLER.
2. Anything by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp- HELLO Sleepy HALLOWWW. I can't wait for Sweeney TODD!
3. A Christmas Story
4. Harry Potter

T.V. Shows
AGAIN this is a toughy.
1. CSI Miami. Dang Horiatio and his shades
2. DHousewive
3. Brothers and Sisters
4. House

Places I've Lived
1. Chicago
2. DeKalb, IL
3. does living in london for 2 weeks count?
4. 'da burbs of Chicago

Favorite Foods
since I have no taste lately this is tough!
1. M&M blizzards. They put crack in these things - I tell YOU.
2. Salads!
3. French Onion soup with the cheese and the croutons!
4. pizza

Favorite Colors
1. sage
2. blue - as in blueberry
3. red - as in crimsony - it goes with EVERYTHING

Places I'd Love To Be Now
1. in my scraparea scrappin away
2. reclining on a overly stuffed sofa that has yet to be purchased in a yet to be decorated back room with a roaring fire and all my magazines drinking coffee and having a yet to be purchased tv on in the backroom! Of course with my puggy snuggled up by my side.
3. shopping at windycity scrapbooking, archivers or anything that is xmasy martha stewart - which BTW I called Martha Stewart Co. to find out when it is hitting the stores - and it is hitting Nov. 2 ladies!!!! I was SO shocked that they answered but the lady was super nice!
4. Visiting my friend the RACH and exploring all the goodness that is England but with a VERY cheap pound price so I could afford to GO THERE. lol.
5. sorry I am adding another one! Hanging with my KB friends in 'bucks. *le sigh*

Names I Like But Would Not Use For My Children
1. Hackett
2. mackenzie
3. britannia(I named my dog that!)

tagging these babes/dudes!

The Alex
Ayattolah Mugsey

If I screwed up the links - please see the area to the right!

So update on my job - I have been given a new opportunity that I am excited about. Lots of forward thinking so I am in that "thinking stage" - also I am asking my bosses to CONFIRM and answer some important questions - but the answer I got back was ... you dont need to have an answer by next week. I am like YES but - xyz.... ANyways - am forging ahead - I have it documented - and I am PUMPED!

I have been so far behind in my scrapping - I have taken some UBER cutey picys of Ms. Aine that is begging to be scrapped and I think I have posted them in my last post... I am also REALLY trying to focus on MY XMAS CARD. I am going to do some drawing or drafts before going to my MEETUP GROUP tonight! *does happy dance*

Omg - I SERIOUSLY live for all things crafty because it gives me that mental break from the job -and I focus on another side of my brain. After the crop weekend a week or so ago? It was like I had a mini-vacation!

So between that, studying for my CPM exam - which is another UBER high priority on my to do list for work and working out because gosh is that a stress reliever! Scrappin is hard to fit IN!

However, I have made steps to make it easily accessable. *mwahahahaha* I bought a Clipit from SISTV and I adore IT. Every little sticker thingy I own is at my finger tips! Also I have cleared out the closet that is going to be my "scrap closet". I bagged up 2 huge bags for good will! Now I have take the remaining and put them into my other closet. THAN - BUY SHELVES!!! WOOT! Also seriously looking at buying that "project desk". Martha told me that there is an uber good one at Pier one - and I have to get me there! There and BLICK. I just saw that art store! Now if I could only get that $$$ to do my corner desk? OMG BLISS. BLISS BLISS BLISSSSSSS! God so wish I won that lotto man. My house would ROCK. lol.

So I have to rock and roll on my stuff I got to do for work so I can get it off my perverbial plate on focus on my new GIG. also is lunch time - must do something about that because i THINK coffee just wont cut the lunch issue.


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