Thursday, October 4, 2007


Please check out my flicr... Aine and I met the USA Snowboarding team.

Yes. I am crashing on the red head and it will be scrapped some how - some way.
Horrid picture of me. But FUN pictures of everyone else!
Also put in pictures of AIne's adventur at The Paper Doll in Chicago with Maude the Store owner. lol.

So much to do before this FABULOUS weekend!
pack for SIS crop, Make name badge, make num num cookies, get ice, bring milk and other fun stuff, find directions, make sure aine is taking care of, wrap gift. print out a LOAD of pictures.

Ack got to get back to it! OH! And I am feeling loads better! HUGS ALL! Nan

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Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Love the witch hat. Your Pug-O-Ween outfit, I presume?

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