Saturday, July 26, 2008

creating is good

Picture doesn't do this layout justice
but will you look at those cute paws.

Thank goodness I am going to a photography class today!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Seriously... kill me now .

Because Twilight will be the death of me.

Thank GOD I am cropping this weekend!

Monday, July 21, 2008

I REALLY love big oversized envelopes...

that contain ... THIS:

Was so shocked that it would be this big. I was expecting something puny - not gi-normous! Seriously! I am so glad that I didn't get a frame - because I wouldn't have bought the correct size! Now I have to rearrange the entire wall! Also - isn't Wage the ugly kid cute? When I get the frame, I think I should make a little home for her on said frame. Also - you can barely see it but the Neverland Stickers are from Love Elsie - aren't they cute? I can't wait to play with them.

Of course, Aine and I HAD to celebrate with pizza from our favorite place and some *gasp* Mozzella Sticks! Gosh. I have not had them in a long time. Bad picture of Ms. Aine but here is her lazer" I WANT A PIECE of Za mummy" pug glare. Unfortunately - she was DENIED!

She is NOT amused by the denial.

Btw... thank you CW gods above!
Gossip Girl premiers Sept. 1!!

HUGS! Nan and Aine the Denied Puggy...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

SISter Filled weekend

It went by way to fast - and I still have to do my ATC's! *hides*

But I really had an amazing weekend. I had dinner with some amazing SISters on Friday. Saturday I went shopping with some Canadian SISters and than on Sunday I had the good fortune of meeting an amazing Fashionista - Claudine Hellmuth and exploring her new product. I am SO excited about this product - I want it all! Is it fun fun FUN. I am a sucker for paint - I don't know why - maybe because it relaxes me SO. But seriously this Sticky Canvas? SO MUCH FUN!!
*squee* I can't wait!

Speaking of things that I can't wait for... here are some of my favorite Twilight inspired Flair...
LOL - The Flair speaks the TRUTH! LOL. Also here is screencap from the latest trailer - seriously LOVE the uni's - It sooooo reminds me of my CUBBIES old Uni's! YEA! I think Stephanie Meyer and/or Catherine Hardwicke are Cub FANS! Yahoooo!

*sigh* Okay I think I should go to beddy - big day tomorrow at work.
HUGS ALL! Nan and zzz Aine.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

happiness is:

a new trailer from Twilight:

I seriously love the pinstripe baseball uniforms. So reminds me of the vintage Cubbies uni's! YEA! Go CUBS!

Finding a very fun new site: Urban Dictionary
Getting to hang with SISTV Sisters and Craft Critique reporters and Craft Fancy fanciers? PRICELESS

Definately looking forward to this weekend! *hugs all*

I love good emails like this....


Here is the receipt for your certification. Your name is now on our web site. You can see it if you go to, then Professional Credentials, then Credentials Verification. I will mail your certificate on Friday. Congratulations!

SQUEEEEE!! O.M.G. I am still in shock. So this means I can officially add Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM) behind my name. I did that and than I got yelled at for not having a comma between my name and the CPM designation! LMAO!! Oh man. WAY to humbling and funny.

*sigh* Okay now back to work. Nan

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Craft Critique goodness!

What I love about being a General Crafts Reporter for Craft Critique (a.k.a. the ultimate source for all things crafty!) is giving fellow crafters sneak peaks about the craft industry.

Please check into Craft Critique all this week and next for everything that is going on Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) Winter Trade Show in Chicago! CHA has 2 trade shows a year - one in California(Summer) and one usually in Chicago (Winter). This is where stores like Craft Fancy buy a lot of their uber good scrappy items.

Btw - Craft Critique will be hosting three days of challenges over at too! If you are not a member yet, please join! We are a fun bunch of SISters that love to craft and are currently a tad bit obsessed with Twilight and RPatz! lol.

*gasp* You don't know who Rpatz is? Please comment with your email and I will Rpatz-edjamacate you. ;)

HUGS all and please check out the goodness that is CC! Nan (and an annoying little puggy called Aine who is being a right MRS. right now. ugh)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Internet is back!

and when it is off... oh my GOODNESS do I get creative... Can't really share any of my goodies right now because they are not properly done and I need STRONG magnets. lol. You will see when I am done.. *squee* But it is all good.

Also, I have to catch up on a lot of work because of said 'net...

Sidenote - Aine barked at the telly when she saw the Joker! lol.

Hugs all! Nan

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Flair says....

... that I am a NERD. *is proud*
and my personal favorite Flair so far? :)
Oh *and she says sarcastically* thanks CANDI *points to below* for sending this EW picy to me. *pft* Team JACOB my ARSE. LOL
ANYWAYS... It is time for me and the zzzing Puggy to go to beds! At 1am? Yesim - I need more HOURS in the day! I can't WAIT for this weekend!!! HUGS all ! Nan

opps forgot to add

Will you look at these pretties? So inspirational and FUN. Seriously tempted to get the below - but isn't really work friendly. Granted, it could be the time to start the work at home wardrobe! LOL

Luckly - she makes them in my size - but I really want to be uber skinny now! lol Okay busy day today - must love ya and leave ya all... Nan

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bad Blogger is Moi...

because we have been crafting/planning and creating...

Hanging out with kiddies...

Getting Air on Pugtona

Buying a dress for a friends wedding - isn't it pretty?

But we got to run.... because we have more creating and work to do! Nan and Aine

PS - Check me out with my pugtona's!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Well 2 out of 4 stitch patterns are very *SQUEE worthy*
Also, I have a feeling this weekend will be very creative because the following fabricy goodness should be coming tomorrow! Now if only, Spoonflower would get caught up! :) My Crafty Mojo is flowing and my sketch book is filling UP.

If all goes well... who knows... I may just be able to let you know what little surprise I have been baking. :)
Speaking of baking ... I hope it isn't to hot this weekend... I have to make cookies for the 4th of July! NUM. I am not much of an air conditioning girly - especially when you you have a fabulous house fan! I really like creating with fans blowing but the Puggy and I do swelter when it gets about 85 degrees, hence if it reaches that level - it will totally be on!
The Drawing Room at Aineburgh Hall is also filling up with goodies to the extreme and needs a good tidying... I have so many project to complete - including some make and takes from SISinversary and Ali Edwards class!
I just hope the mojo keeps up!
Hugs all! Nan and Aine

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