Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Well 2 out of 4 stitch patterns are very *SQUEE worthy*
Also, I have a feeling this weekend will be very creative because the following fabricy goodness should be coming tomorrow! Now if only, Spoonflower would get caught up! :) My Crafty Mojo is flowing and my sketch book is filling UP.

If all goes well... who knows... I may just be able to let you know what little surprise I have been baking. :)
Speaking of baking ... I hope it isn't to hot this weekend... I have to make cookies for the 4th of July! NUM. I am not much of an air conditioning girly - especially when you you have a fabulous house fan! I really like creating with fans blowing but the Puggy and I do swelter when it gets about 85 degrees, hence if it reaches that level - it will totally be on!
The Drawing Room at Aineburgh Hall is also filling up with goodies to the extreme and needs a good tidying... I have so many project to complete - including some make and takes from SISinversary and Ali Edwards class!
I just hope the mojo keeps up!
Hugs all! Nan and Aine


Anonymous said...

oooh what scrummy fabric...i love it so so nice :)

Sarah Youde said...

Now that looks like a pile of fabric I would like :)

Michelle said...

Oh, yummy fabric! And I was so excited by those embroidery patterns - so fun! Thanks for entering the monster giveaway, too! Happy day!

Nevis said...

LOVE those fabrics!

Mandi said...

dude that fabric bag looks scrumptious!!!!!!!!!!!

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