Friday, November 30, 2007

Paper Doll

My FAVO card store in Chicago just started a blog!
and yes... it is co-owned/managed by MAUDE the cutie putie puggy (and her mothers)! Totally check this place out!!! It ROCKS and if you are a pug lover there are LOADS of pug items *sweee* and Jenifer Murph items too!
Speaking of pugs... will you look at THIS?

These were taken when Aine was sick. I put her on my desk to keep a better eye on her. Now she is better and I AM SICK! lol

Thank you all for the good wishes! Of course she is now used to sitting RIGHT in my lap and hanging out on the desk so she can sleep in her sun spot!!! I took more pictures of her dozing in the sun - but I will have to upload those later. But it is so funny she scratches my leg so she can sit there! lol. And being the parinoid Pug Momma that I am? I told my dog walker to make sure she gets dressed in her coat and doesn't talk to stranger danger doggies on her walks! lol.
So tomorrow I am going the doctors for check ups, than studying, and than off to a sneak peek of The Golden Compass! I know it is crazy to go out tomorrow night -due to the snow/sleep/rain/ice and such - but I have not seen a movie in a bit and I need to do get out as well as finish my xmas cards.
I have sent out my 30 cards to Pug Village and also both of my Secret Santa's for SIS and PV!! WOOT! now I just have to buy 2 more items for my family kris kringle and I am DONE. I just have to finish all my projects and studying! lol.
Also signed up for my first EVER 12 hour crop on the 29th!!! Gosh I feel like wearing jammies to it! lol.
Okay I must get goin! Hugs and have a great weekend!!! Nan and Ms. Aine

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Aine is sick. She has been sleeping ALL day. She even threw up. I am staying home tomorrow to make sure she is okay.

This sucks - she never gets sick.... and i can't DO ANYTHING. ugh.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Big Martha

Noooo Not Martha B -

Martha Stewart's Momma has passed! Aww so sad!

10 bucks... we will now have etiquette for funerals! Seriously it has yet to be documented in Martha world! lol

Still love her though! Especially since the latest magazine has a "how to make a cute jacket for your dog" pattern in it?!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

finally a DAY to scrap

ack... I just couldn't take it anymore - I HAD TO SCRAP.

Now again - work has been stressful so I decided - you know? I am going to go to archivers to get some stuff (simply renee -top tier!!) so I was like let's see how it goes. I swear to GOD - when stress I buy at archivers. lol. Anways....

I get home and what am I doing? Not eating my Boston Market - nope - sorting my scrapping! *go ME!*

Omg it was like I was a woman possessed - I HAD to clean up my scrap area. I now have my place all set up to make xmas cards come this Turkey day weekend. Now I just need my Mini Moos! Also have my ATC and Martha Houses all ready to go as well. I have decided that Turkey Day weekend will be SCRAP WEEK END!! I mean - I have to do about 80 cards - and that is not even including my 20+ cards for Pug Village, and I have to get gifts for my secret santas at PV and SIS! Also - let us not forget - I am WAY behind in my gift to Aine's "husband" - Ayatollah Mugsey's new brother Wendell. lol. The gift bag keeps on GROWING. I also have to sort out my gift to my BFF Rach in England. Oh so much to d0 this coming weekend and newxt and I have not even put up xmas decorations/tree!

So what did I do? I did a DREAM journal just for scrapping so that I can not FORGET what I want to scrap. After finishing it - I was to tired to take a picy of it!!! So I owe ya all a picture. It is so cool - I took the Love Elise line of cloud fabric paper, jack and abby frame, 7 gypsies's inspiration sticker and tab, and these UBER cool chipboard letters that I was able to destress! I also used my crop a dile to put a ribbon through the outlet!

*edit* FLURRIES? Did I just hear that on TV?! *gasp* I may just do a fire this weekend! Also Sexy rexy is back on the BEARS? omg! */edit*

I also am getting into this rut of not publishing my pictures - I dunno what is up with that - there is a lot of pictures I have to publish - one of them being Martha Stewart!!

So work - I get to study at work - and that is such a mind shift for me - but I have to do it and I have to a LOT of studying and classes before the new year. I am even thinking I may have to give up my holiday so that I can get all my studying done. UGH. Dunno what to do there - I just know that come Jan 1 my new role will be CRAZY busy and I am behind on all my studying. And studying this year is BIG. So I have loads of stuff to do.... hmmmm hmmmm This actually may be a good thing - ie working on studying while on holiday and just reporting my time so I can get it done. hmmm hmmm must think about this.

With that being said - I have to go! back to hitting the books! Hugs! Nan

Sunday, November 11, 2007


So yesterday was a FRICKEN Drama filled DOOOZIE.Mom and I went to Marshall Field's/Macy's to get an ornament signed by Martha Stewart.yes MARTHA Stewart.Get there at 9:20 am for a store opening at 10pm - was FREEZING outside and my mom is like um 76 years old. So we go into Starbucks which is right near the entrance of Marshall Fields. There were many people in there staying away from the cold and waiting to get into the store. At 10am we were asked to go into the store.We are the first in line for BUYING an ornament.The sales person is telling us the whole shebang and we are asking questions because my mom was not going to be allowed in the waiting line unless she had her own bracelet. Her own bracelet meant 2 VERY expenive ornaments. Than out of the blue this person behind me starts SCREAMING at my mom and me...WE WAITED IN LINE FOR 1.5 hours in the cold and you guys went to Starbucks and CUT IN LINE. How COULD you that is SO RUDE. My mom and I were dumbfouned. We are like why are they yelling at us? They are SECOND in LINE. SO these people keep at it. I tell my mom to just ignore it - and these people will not give up - even saying - we are from the city of brotherly love and you are the first people that have NOT been nice to us. lol.I turned to them and said TOUGH.We walked into the little shop to actually BUY the 2 ornaments because there was NO way in HELL i was going to let my mom just not wait in line with me because these people were really being abuseive man. So I am about to get a bracelet and this woman comes up to us DRAGGING her kids and SCREAMING us too. Saying... HOW COULD YOU DO THAT IN FRONT OF MY CHILD. SHAME on you for not setting an example for a child. I AM GOING TO PRAY FOR YOU this weekend. My mom and I AGAIN look at each other and are like.. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG THis is INSANE. Of course If I really wanted to get her going - I should have said "thank you!" and left - but I just turned to her and said GET. OVER.ITTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Finally she went away and as soon as I got my bracelet my mom and I liked WALKED very fast to get some coffee because we were just SHOCKED at these events. And this was over buying an ornament. So we had 2 hours to kill - we walk all over the store - and we are walking by the tree and suddenly we here - OH DO YOU WANT TO CUT IN LINE!!?!! NOT KIDDING YOU - they were heckling us AGAIN. Again - I am like MOM JUST IGNOREEEEEE it. So flash forward to the actual waiting in line for the signature. We had to put ALL our items into plastic bags and only have our ornament with us and go up one at a time to see God Martha Stewart. lol. I mean serioulsy it was like taking communion!!! After my mom and I get the autographs there are people CRYING after they see her because they are SO overWHELMED. My mom and I were like um... it is Martha STEWART. WTF?So after all this drama - I had an amazing night with MO and the GIRLIES at wildfire!!! WAS SO FUN!!! Ugh - my back is still killing me and I have to study - so I must GO! Hugs! Nan.

Monday, November 5, 2007


I figured out how to do my xmas card... I am using MOO mini's and MANY emblishments with stamps! Gosh finally figured out the picture thing. Jezzzz. Was that not a brain cramp or what? I also bought some MOO stickers too. I am such the sticker HO.

I also played around with chipboard and stamping ink... definately inspired to start my ATC rolly thingy. I just wish I had a raven chipboard. I will have to drase something ...hmmmmmm.

Can you believe that the valentines items are coming out!?! I have not even STARTED my xmas cards.

Luckily it looks like it will all be coming around turkey time - so that gives me plenty of time to FOCUS on my studying.

New goal - I need to get my butt in gear and get my 2nd modul done by end of calender year. crap that is not to far away. I have not even done the first one.

With that being said - you may not see me to much online because I realllllyyyy need to study and get my butt moving on certification.... Okay laters! Nan

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