Monday, November 5, 2007


I figured out how to do my xmas card... I am using MOO mini's and MANY emblishments with stamps! Gosh finally figured out the picture thing. Jezzzz. Was that not a brain cramp or what? I also bought some MOO stickers too. I am such the sticker HO.

I also played around with chipboard and stamping ink... definately inspired to start my ATC rolly thingy. I just wish I had a raven chipboard. I will have to drase something ...hmmmmmm.

Can you believe that the valentines items are coming out!?! I have not even STARTED my xmas cards.

Luckily it looks like it will all be coming around turkey time - so that gives me plenty of time to FOCUS on my studying.

New goal - I need to get my butt in gear and get my 2nd modul done by end of calender year. crap that is not to far away. I have not even done the first one.

With that being said - you may not see me to much online because I realllllyyyy need to study and get my butt moving on certification.... Okay laters! Nan

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