Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Sorry guys - The link didn't work on my previous entry...

Here is the link to my review of the Recipe Idea Box by Elsie Flannigan. I LOVE the Recipe Box and I encourage you all to try it! If you get into those "I got no SCRAP MOJO" ruts - this will get you out it lickityslickity. :) I know my mojo has been flying high ever since reading this book. I really hope Elsie makes another book!

Btw -you know what I like most about Craft Critique ? The breath of information you can find. The other day I learned about Inktense Pencils and Prismacolor art markers . I no diddly on those topics so it was really fun to learn about that medium.

Anyways - Must RUN! HUGs ya all... Nan

Monday, August 25, 2008

Forgot two more things! *hits head*

So seriously need java via an iv today!

Please see my article on The Recipe Idea Box at Craft Critique! Please let me know what you think of the article and if you own the "book" let me know!

Also big props to my neice and my sister who are going to The Convention! My neice is a delegate. *squee* I can't wait to hear her stories and see her pictures!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

apron surprise

The beginnings of my very first Halloween apron... I adore this retired fabric - Old Hallow's Eve by Robert Kaufman .

Note to self:
1) Get the flat pins - anyone have pin recommendations? I think I will go with the flat head quilting pins. But still doing tiny hems? hmm I wander... It is like I need short pins or something... Open to thoughts on this!

2) Always buy more trim than anticipated! I am at least a 1/2 yard off for the trim. Gerr. Thats okay... JOANN's has really done well in Trims lately so no complaints here!

3) Never watch vintage Battlestar Galactica prior to doing a sewing project. As luck would have it, I caught the last one where Athena (Mrs. Capt. Apollo i.e. luckiest woman on the BG planet!) dies and Boxey(don't you love that name?) and Starbuck (Richard!Hatch!) are all cryinnnn. I was almost crying with 'em.

But seriously- to this day - I still want to know WHY they didn't have that poor woman who played Athena put something on her other than a fricken sheet when she was dying? REALLY now! I mean? It was like they were waiting for her to die so they could put a toe tag on her or bury her in space? or worse - cremate her or something! *shudder* Also ... when you get shot by those lazer thingys... really WHAT happens to you? Because it really took her an awefully long time to die. *sigh* TV shows... I tell ya. :)

But the uniforms make up for all those picky lax details in space gun technolgy. :)

Oh it is late so that means I have to go get some zzzzz ya'all! Nite NITES! Nan

Saturday, August 23, 2008

SIS crop at Craft Fancy. It is Halloween TIME YA'ALL!

Will you Look at this CUTE CUTE CUTTTTTTTTTTTTTE house I made?
This adorable banner was the make and take designed by Martha! As you can see I made a mini one for the house. Oh and more bats and embellishments were added to the fun!

As you can see I have a new header*YEA* Here is a better picture of it. Love the vintage!
Last but not least - a layout I did for Craft Fancy.

We had SUCH A FUN TIME! I wish every weekend was a SIS crop!! :) I get so much DONE! LOL.

Hugs all! Nan

Friday, August 22, 2008

Congrats to Ms. MARTHA the FABO and fyi about my masthead

Hi ya all... I just wanted to respond to some of the comments I received from the previous post ... I DO LOVE my current masthead that was created by the lovely MARTHA. Believe you me - she does amazing work - I can't hold a candle to it!! In fact - lets all give PROPS to Ms Martha because she just got chosen for the DESIGN TEAM AT SASSAFRAS!! SO PROUD OF YOU GIRLY!!! YIPPEEE!! *hugs ya* You are so talented! CONGRATS!

Believe you me - if my attempt at a new masthead is not up to par - I will keep the one I have now! :) Afterall it is a MARTHA original!!!

Also yes! Thank you Cricket for reminding me about the LOVELY SIS CROP we are going to be at tomorrow at CraftFancy!

Today I have so much to get ready for the crop...
  • pick out my favo yoga pants for said crop.... ;) JUST KIDDIN !
  • make mango salsa and brushetta
  • PACK for the crop - gosh is it hard to do at times!
  • Run to docs, run to get hair done. try to get some sleep

OH ya - and than there is a thing called WORK! Lol

Have a great weekend ya all! Nan

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

switching things up

As you can see I added some fun little widgets.....

I hope to create a new masthead this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend... here is my list of projects that need to be done.

Must do:
new masthead
cards for: maddie/julia/rest of family
Recipe Idea Box *must do NOW!* list

Maybe do:
Start designing my halloween and xmas card?
Scrap to the Olga 101 manual?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Holy inspirational BATMAN.

Even though I am functioning on oh say, 4 hours of sleep, I have been quite the crafty person this weekend.

1) A Perfect Match --- my BFF MP received a kidney from her sister, Kate. I made the following and I was so happy that they really liked it! The below softy of a kidney is HUGE and it going to be embroidered with *Olga, My home GIRLY!* I was suprised at how comfy it was if I must say so myself! MP is also getting a Olga 101 manual too. I have to create that as well. See? She named her new kidney OLGA.

b) BEST BOOK EVER. Love Elsie, Recipe Idea Box. Look for my review on Monday or Tuesday at Craft Critique. Here is the layout I did.

c) Inspired by Martha Bonneau . Martha taught the BEST CLASS EVER at Craft Fancy this weekend. I mean a) she is so prepared - I she came with M&M's!! *flails* b) I love this idea! c) The class had a huge showing and the ladies were all inspirational. What inspires me?Of course a crown... and a puppeh....Sewing is an inspirational must!

Lets not forget the movies and the snarky comments! They are from Lucky You - but I can't find their website ANYWHERE. Such CUTE STUFF.

d) Scanning old pictures... check these OUT. I can't wait to scrap each and every one of them. Such beautiful vintage pictures of my immediate family.

e) FUN STUFF.. from Lucky You.. was bought.

F)And this this is the aftermath! I still have to do some cards too! *argh!* of course I had to sneak an Aine picture in here. She is trying to sneak a felting thingy! Naughty PUG!

I hope you had as fun a weekend I had! HUGS! Nan

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I be a hard core sewer

....because I broke my first ever needle. :)

I can't wait to show you the result! And yes... it is getting SCRAPPED. I am quite proud of me!

Also I created this for a SISTV Johnny Depp Movie ATC swap. Of course I had to take it with my phone camera - hence the quality is NOT good. But Johnny still looks good even though blurry. Used Scrapblog and VONDERFUL FLOCK! ENJOY!

Monday, August 11, 2008

if only I had this at my library when I was chicklin....

...I think I would have gotten my nose out of the English Canon and actually would have read some popular literature! That is... something besides Nancy Drew and Judy Blume.

Love it - it is called "star crossed readers!" bhahahahahahah SO.ROMEO&JULIET! *ack* SMeyers are are a MINX

And with that - I need to see if I should get icecream or get my craft on.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

"I wish today ...

was like every other day...

We did a little of this and

and a little of that....

and some tidying....

and some cookin of Saurabrautin and dumblings!num!

And of course... Nappies!

And yes.... I bought the Dr. Who Soundtrack....

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bless the Snarky PEOPLE ya'all

I don't I laughed this hard in a long time. and let's not forget this. too! NOTE spoilers.

And the world must be ending because Facebook apologized for disabling my account! *gasp*

In all seriousness... I have LOADS of creating this weekend! That means maybe even a redo of this site.... whoa... I know I KNOW! I loveee the mast head but it is time for a wee change.

Hugs! Nan and Aine

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

oh... fun-ness!

Sarah and Martha went on an amazing fun trip yesterday.... FUN FUN FUN.

Just look at those goodies! And they saw Maude too.

*sigh* Sometimes year end really SUCKS!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


I just finished Breaking Dawn.

I think it is SMeyers best book to date - so much so - I can't even go geeky Twi-Hard on you all. *IS AMAZED*

I was the first to tear Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse to shreds - but this book - BD - has restored my faith in the fact that SMeyers really can spin a story and write some captivating literature. Yes, you heard it - Literature. Yes it could be the BD Fog I am currently in or the fact that I have had no java today? But DAMN. I am impressed.

I mean... I READ THE SPOILERS and I was not "spoiled" when reading the book. Usually when you read the spoilers you are like *read* blah blah blhahhhh * read* and your are done with the book in 4 hours. .

Not this book.

Every word was engaging and I felt like I went through the emotions just like the characters in the book. When they were worried - I was worried, when they were sad, I almost cried. Why that connection happened - I have no idea. There were times where I was just so grossed out but at the same time needed to find out what happened.

I am emotionally and mentally exaused and glad I know that this series is over... from Bella's point of view. :)

Do I think she is as good as JKRowling... nope. Sorry SMeyers. But you are the queen of emotional connections.

And with that... real life and a soon to be washed puggy beckens... :)

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