Sunday, August 24, 2008

apron surprise

The beginnings of my very first Halloween apron... I adore this retired fabric - Old Hallow's Eve by Robert Kaufman .

Note to self:
1) Get the flat pins - anyone have pin recommendations? I think I will go with the flat head quilting pins. But still doing tiny hems? hmm I wander... It is like I need short pins or something... Open to thoughts on this!

2) Always buy more trim than anticipated! I am at least a 1/2 yard off for the trim. Gerr. Thats okay... JOANN's has really done well in Trims lately so no complaints here!

3) Never watch vintage Battlestar Galactica prior to doing a sewing project. As luck would have it, I caught the last one where Athena (Mrs. Capt. Apollo i.e. luckiest woman on the BG planet!) dies and Boxey(don't you love that name?) and Starbuck (Richard!Hatch!) are all cryinnnn. I was almost crying with 'em.

But seriously- to this day - I still want to know WHY they didn't have that poor woman who played Athena put something on her other than a fricken sheet when she was dying? REALLY now! I mean? It was like they were waiting for her to die so they could put a toe tag on her or bury her in space? or worse - cremate her or something! *shudder* Also ... when you get shot by those lazer thingys... really WHAT happens to you? Because it really took her an awefully long time to die. *sigh* TV shows... I tell ya. :)

But the uniforms make up for all those picky lax details in space gun technolgy. :)

Oh it is late so that means I have to go get some zzzzz ya'all! Nite NITES! Nan


Cricket said...

can't wait to see the apron when it's done!!


Sasha said...

I am lovin it so far .. cannot wait to see the juicyness

Anonymous said...

This is the second blog where someone is sewing. I so want to learn now because all the stuff is so gorgeous. I love the apron and the fabric. I'll have to, I mean visit often until its all done.

IamSusie said...

I use my iron to fold over hems and I don't really use pins except in a few strategic places. I like those long pins with the white or yellow ball head. I don't like to sew over pins, so these are long enough to get in there and pull them out before they get under the needle.

You can also get a foot for you sewing machine that will fold over the hem for you and you don't need to iron it first. I've never used one of these, so I can't say how well it works.

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