Monday, February 23, 2009


Enablers they name is ELZYSBELLS! Will you look at the CUTENESS? Tea and Chocolate. Yep. That is me! They just released the following! Cute huh?! If ONLY I could go there and SHOP! Nan

and now we are THREE

!!!! There is a little girl in my house that is THREE today!
It was 3 years ago today that this little baby came into my life

Fast forward to three years... and this is her litter brother odie... don't they look cute? Btw - she has two brothers named Odie dontchya know. This Odie lives in Georgia. It would be fun to visit him.
We celebrated the day by taking so hil-ar-ous videos. NOTE that is not how I normall sound! lol.
and finally

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Nares that is!
Sad but good news - Aine needs her
Stenotic Nares done. :( That means surgery - which means Nan is worried. However, she is in amazing hands and I am so glad I found this Vet that specializes in Smushy Faced breeds and she owns pugs as well! Also, I think we got caught this at the right time - hopefully no soft palette surgery will be needed. But they won't know until she is under.

I just feel so guilty because I always asked the *regular vet* about her nose, and "all was fine - it is just a pug thing and we have seen worse". So I want to kick myself because I thought all the gurgles and other funny sounds from Aine were just "pug sounds" Well, now I know!

Aine goes in for surgery on March 12 - so please keep her in our prayers so all is okay! Sorry I can't help be a worried pug mom. Right now Aine and I are snuggling and I am going to start a craft for my Etsy SHOP! SQUEE

Hugs Nan and Aine

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Attack of the..

...Bunnies! The Bunnies are BACK I love my BUNNIES. I always bring them out at the first sign of nice weather. Btw the Tullips are from my mummy! Can we say AWWWW. Love tullips.

....the PUPPEH. Sorry for the crappy photos. My Nikon's battery just died, hence IPHONE it was! Aine is not pleased, as per usual.

...the homemade cinni-bun from HELL. Yea it may look nummy but I failed on this one! Never again will I bake with yeast. NEVER.AGAIN. You hear me yeast? NEVER. Ick Ick Ick. The whole lot was thrown out.

of the epic bummers.... this Friday would have been my 10th wedding anniv. I cant believe Joey has basically been gone for five years. I miss ya sweetie! :(

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ugh. me sicky

..and I have bought way to much new American Crafts goodies. I think I will finally create a book on my apron sewing. whheee!

...That is if I get over this nagging cold from hades. ugh. I hate POST NASAL DRIP.

As per usual - Aine is being a really good Pug-Nurse (photos from iphone).
She thinks her purple monster will help cure me.
Okay Mom - if you won't let purple monster help you - I will lay on it. Okay? Okay.

Btw - are you on Twitter? Please follow me! nanandbags It is way fun - especially with an iphone...
HUGS! Nan and Nurse Aine

Monday, February 9, 2009


Awww thankies muchly to Sandra Y Coco
for giving me the Kreative Blogger award ! This is indeed an HONOR! *hugs her and Coco! This is my very first blog award! *sQUEEEE* Btw - isn't the little icon cool? Me thinks so! But than again. I am biased... :)
So here we go...
Rules:List 6 things that make you happy. Pass the award on to 6 bloggers for Kreativ. Link to the blogger who gave you the award. Link to the blogs receiving the award. Notify the recipients
Six things that make me HAPPY!
1. My puggy - Aine - She keeps me centered and gets my butt up when I am being to lazy. Her name means "Joy" and she truely is a JOY in my life.
2. Hanging with my friends and family- Some of the best times ever.
3.Sewing/Stiching - I love Sewing. I have always loved it and it reminds me a grandma who was an amazing seamstress and Shakespeare Teacher. I would have loved to have known her better... she died when I was 8. But she still rocks in my opinion. :) Now if I only could have the time to sew more! I sense a crafty vacation coming...
4, Creating/PaperCrafting - it is the best vacation you can have for your brain. I need more of them!
5. Making nummy chocolate goodies for my friends and family.
6. Not having to work on a weekend. A true simple and loved treasured time. A time to reconnect, a time to rest, a time to just breathe. Gosh. I sound like a song now. lol.
I give this award to some of the most inspirational crafty ladies I know-- Susie, Cricket, Martha, Sarah, Allie and ALEX! LIfe has been so crazy as of late that I truely miss them all. Susie, Sarah, Martha and Alex are from the Chicagoland Craft Collective. I have been missing the monthly meeting due to a marker conflict at my favorite place of enablement- hence I miss em! Allie my dear, when will you get your butt back into CHI-TOWN? And Cricket - amazing SISter and friend - when are we cropping at Hannah's ?!
PS Coraline was amazing!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Thanks everyone for sweet sweet comments! We got a load of hits to my blog which I was happy to see. *hugs you all*

To celebrate a very stessful week, I am off to watch..... HUGS ALL!


Monday, February 2, 2009


I was mentioned two times on Claudine's BLOG! *does happy dance* Thank you so much Claudine!! I am so crazy about this sticky back, I have already started planning my next project!:) This was definately the highlight of my day! Believe you me, I would be jumping up and down even more but I only got four hours of sleep last night! Lol - HUGS ALL! Nan

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