Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ugh. me sicky

..and I have bought way to much new American Crafts goodies. I think I will finally create a book on my apron sewing. whheee!

...That is if I get over this nagging cold from hades. ugh. I hate POST NASAL DRIP.

As per usual - Aine is being a really good Pug-Nurse (photos from iphone).
She thinks her purple monster will help cure me.
Okay Mom - if you won't let purple monster help you - I will lay on it. Okay? Okay.

Btw - are you on Twitter? Please follow me! nanandbags It is way fun - especially with an iphone...
HUGS! Nan and Nurse Aine


Cricket said...

sorry you have a nasty cold Nan! Hope you feel better soon, and listen to nurse Aine...purple monsters are great for helping you get well quick!


Sandra y Coco said...

Get well soon! I am sure that Aine's cuteness will help!
PS I got a sewing machine for myself for Christmas and I am dying to try to do something! Right now it's still in the box because I am moving out...

Sparkly Turtle said...

As one cold recoverer to another - I totally agree on the hatred of post nasal drip.

I am also on Twitter as sparkleyturtle, but I can't wait for my iPhone to take full advantage.

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