Monday, August 27, 2007

so... what ya think....

The beginning of a Nancy Drew Album. Dang, I will never do something this small again. Also please comment -I feel the need to... embellish!!! Thoughts anyone? Oh btw - the cover will have a nancy drew cover - and I am thinking The Clue in the Album - but I was hoping to be a bit more creative! I still have to decorate the lunch box! ACK! I CANT WAIT TILL THIS WEEK IS DONE! *flails*

Also - Tag! you are it. Aine's Husband has tagged her.... By

People who are tagged need to write these rules in theirown blogs & share eight things about themselves that others might not know. At the end of their blog post, they need to tag six people and list their (blog) names. Leave a comment on the blogs of the people they’ve chosen telling them they’ve been tagged and encouraging them to come over and read the eight things you’ve written on your blog.

1.) I am a petite pug! I hover around 12 - 13 pds.

2) My half brothers live about 3 miles from me .... Davey Crocket weights 30 pds, Davey weight 25.

3) My mummy says I have better clothes than her. Which is very true.
4)I am in the "long distance harem" of
5) Did I mention? My picture is in the credits in the Underdog Movie? HEE
6) Mummy has loads of pictures of ME. I shudder to think what her scrapbooks will look like.
7) I enjoy sleeping with mummy. She is always nice and warm
8) I am named after my mummy's favorite country and her 2 best friends!
I tag.... who ever wants to play n ext!
Let me know what ya think! Thanks! Nan

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Aine was in the Underdog MOVIE!!

Aine is in the UNDERDOG movie !! Here is the picture

See it went like this - I entered Aine into a Disney contest and TOTALLY forgot they I did. That was in May. I totally forgot that people had to vote for me as well. WELL imagine my suprise when watching the credits to see who was Polly Purebred's voice that I saw Aine's picture!

I am right now trying to find out how to contact disney becuase it looks like I might have won a suprise. No matter WHAT I am TOTALLY getting this movie!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Lincoln Lincoln... I be thinkin....

... way to MUCH.

So not have I only not even STARTED my sister's Nancy Drew Scrapbook (a girl has to mull over things you know!) but I have already started thinking about my own scrapbook and my dogs scrap book. Is that bad? lol I mean - I have almost made up my mind that I really don't want my 8x8 scrapbooks that I original purchased when I first started this very addictive madness. hmm ebay? *nods*

So I am thinking of doing a "this is me" scrapbook and use funky pictures of my life and my surroundings. I also have to do my wickle puggy - Aine(see below). However - she is being so "serious" as of late. I think it might be I have an "older" camera - ie 2 years old! ButI either have to figure out how to fix the flash (ie make it quicker) or get a new camera that will have a quicker flash!

But this is where my "thinking" gets wayyy to complicated. Isn't kinda "weird" to do your own scrapbook? I mean - I don't have any kids, nor hubby so I am thinking that I might be the best one to DO a book about me, since no one else will. LMAO. And this scrapbook can go in many ways - heck - I can do a phithera of things.

Anywaysss.... thoughts? Because my brain hurts with all this "pondering!" lol. Nan and Aine

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dang. I be hard CORE.

Places I went to this weekend:

  • Hobby lobby
  • micheals

  • Joann's
  • Archivers
Places that I would have gone to if I had enough time and it wasn't raining?
  • Windycity Scrapping

  • Memory makers or whatever that place is in Barrington.

Items that I bought this weekend:

  • ATG tape gun - it comes Tuesday. *SQUEE*
  • Maya road chip board small binders to make Nancy Drew scrap books for my sister's 50th.
  • Nancy Drew book for scanning and inspiration - I found an uber cool nancy drew site that will let you print ALL the covers and such like that.
  • big lunch box - to put the books in!
  • BRIGHT yellow arcrilic paint and spunge brush
  • 7gypsies very fun stickers
  • fiskers cutter and mat
  • cardstock
  • white and black chip board
  • martha stewart halloween see through stamps - have to learn how to do that right quick
  • Martha stewart halloween stickers
  • and SO MUCH MORE! *dances*
Of course - the 5 cards that I made this weekend? I FORGOT TO PHOTOGRAPH THEM. *hits head* They were all picture based but I did my first VERY simple "get well card" and "YOU GO GIRL!" card. *squee* I am expanding my card making brainstorming.

Now I am debating on what to do about a craft room. This weekend I was crafting at the "L" in my kitchen - which is fine! But I was always worried I would hurt my counter. lol.

So which places should I look into converting to a crafting area?
I have an office - where I work from the office two or more days out of the week.

My office is suppose to look like the inside of an English Telephone box. Red and black all over. Oh - you all may not know this but I am true anglophile. So you will see items around the house that are Englishy. I have been there about three times and I have friends there. I debate if I should put it there. I have a closet that can be easily converted into a "scrap command center" but I wonder if I will really be able to break from my work world.

Another possible place is my bedroom. I am debating if I should redo my bedroom and put a new table in there. Since I did my walk in closet - there is another type of closet that can be converted into "scrap central".

Here is my home computer and photo center.

Here is the area to the side of my desk - don' worry - it has all been thrown away - but I wanted to show you what it looked like and the space that is available.

I think Aine likes the area too.

However -the only really bad thing is the lack of natural light and hearing my neighbors(it is right next to their driveway.

OR I can think about putting it in my sparcely furnished dinning room:

that looks out to the garden and the garage - but than it is such a big room with huge ceiling there are SPIDERS. ICK Also there is no quick storage space. hmmm.

So which one should I convert? Please comment back! I welcome all thoughts! But let's get to my shopping excursion.

I am so shocked that you really can't find one place to get all your scrapping or card making supplies. It is like shopping for food - one place will have this brand - the other - another brand. For instance - finding anything 7gypsies is like searching for a needle in a haystack. However, I have heard that 7gypsies doesn't really do well in logistics - so I don't know what is up with that. Especially if it is your business you know? Also is it just me - or do people have a really hard time finding the paper you like?

Also when I talk to people about my decent into cardmaking and newbie scrapping obsession - tehir first response is - THAT IS SO EXPENSIVE. I guess it is, but at the same time - I know i always look for sales. Granted I definately have champagney tastes on a beer budget - but I always find that and interesting comment.

I promise to take pictures on my sisters Nancy Drew book. I am thinking I have enough pictures of her. ;)

Hugs all - Nan

Thursday, August 16, 2007

update ...opps *insert foot into mouth* is really sad and scary at the same time. Also the shocking

I shouldn't have made fun of it - I am sure it helps people cope with a loss. I should know - 2 years ago I lost my hubby - but at the same time? I dunno if I would have put up a myspace for him. I rather remember the good times.

*shrugs* Bottomline - everyone copes with their own loss their own way.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

*flails* I am in the land of such talented people!

Just came home from The Chicagoland Crafters Meetup and had a BLAST. I am still on a such an excitement high that I am sure this post will not make sense. I promise to post the pictures tomorrow. My friend Annie had a very fun time too. We now have a goal to make halloween cards together!! Seriously - it is kismet when you meet people that you aspire to be like and on top of that for them to be so nice and helpful - I am just gosh - humbled and still in awe! I mean really you should see the fabulous crafts these ladies make!! I still can't figure out how much some folks do it!!!

Personally I am SO glad Annie came out with me because crafting is SO up her alley. She has Always been - and still is - the most talented out of us three girls that I grew up with.

I just can not stress enought how the Meetup ladies are just so amazingly TALENTED and wonderful ladies. I met *squeee* Martha of Mugsy Boo, Sarah of Sarah and the Stampers and Alex of Peachcakehandmade and so many more amazing people!! I am sure I scared the living day lights out of Martha because I nearly spilled my salad and drink on Bonnie and Martha! Thank God Portillo's sealed the lids tightly. lol

So let me tell ya what I learned!

I learned the following:

  • what the heck a scoring template is and how much I have to constrait just to score something!
  • all pugs think that their humans are their servents. lol
  • how to make a wee paper box - picture to come!
  • FABULOUS places to see in San Fran. 4th street, Japantown and Farout Fabrics here I COMEITH. *thank you SARAH!!*
  • I am being taken to the bank at some scrapbooking stores on the price of adhesives! Ugh so getting the adhesive gun Martha suggested on MugsyBoo
  • must vist HOBBY LOBBY!!!

Some exciting new websites:
  • the northern il pug ruscue
  • pinkisthenewblog
  • -->*snort*

With that - I am off to dream of chipboard binders and stickers! Nighty night you all! HUGS!Nan


I will be going to my first Chicagoland Craft meetup today in Schaumberg at 7pm!!! My friend Anne will be joining and she is SO creative.

I have gone crazy with 7gypsy and Maya Road items. I have also ordered my first ZingBoom kit *flails in anticipation of it*. As my sister said, the reason why she stayed away from this is it was like shopping for a girl - there is so much cute stuff it is a bit overwhelming. AMEN TO THAT. I mean - I am having issues with 'NOT FINDING THE RIGHT' Chipboard binder and than trying to FIND a place that may actually have what I want. I feel like I am planning my wedding all over again. lol.

Also I added a lot of links today but than they went *zippp* and it were eaten in the land of bloggerdom - hence I will be re-adding accordingly. If you would like to be added, please let me know!

I will post updates when I can from tonights meetup! *does happy dance*


from Aine... my mummy has gone sticker happy. *le sigh*

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Shopping at Micheals

Where I live, the closest Micheals is far away. Today I had the opportunity to finally see a HUGE Micheals and my GOD do they have a great selection of stickers and scrapping crafts. I am definately going to have to find the closest one to me.
Unfortunately Martha Stewart crafts have not been updated for Fall yet - BUMMER. I can not WAIT for her Fall and xmas line. Right around now I start finguring out what my xmas card is going to look like.

Last year I had Aine drawn and it was so dang adorable:

This year I am racking my brain on "what to do" - but I am thinking it will be a picture of ms. Aine. This was last years Xmas Picture

Thoughts anyone? Hugs! Nan

Saturday, August 4, 2007

New to blogger

I joined blogger so that I can actually do comments without being anon. lol.

I am 36, pug lover, cancer survivor and widow.

My pugs name is Britannia Aine Grainne Sasha aka Aine.

I am a newbie crafter and I am always amazed at how people are SO creative.

This is a short blog because I am really tired, but does anyone know how to make my header picture look SMALLER. What pixel size should they be?

Hugs Nan

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