Monday, December 17, 2007

Aine post: Ayatollah Mugsy tries on a new hat...

Since I can not type... Mummy has graciously said she would type this for me.

Ever since my beloved leader and husband, Ayatollah Mugsy,gained a cutie putotie brother, my Mummy and I have been composing a wee gifty for the wee Wendell. It takes time to find a gift for great leaders and their husbands!

Finally - 4 months after Wendell's birth - Mummy got the post in the mail! It had loads of toys and... a HAT.

We received the following picture from my beloved Ayatollah Mugsy.
I think the conversation went like this.
Wendell: I am not putting that on my WEE head no matter how much rawhide you give me!
Ayatollah Mugsy: Hush my child. I will show you how fetching you will look in this elfin wear.

*click goes the camera*

Does he not look fetching?! hugs and puggy kisses to my beloved hubby and brother in law Wendell!

Mummy edit....I think the puggy eyepopping details says it all. I think Ayatollah Mugsy is saying underneith his breath.. owwweeeieeeeeeeee.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Aine Slide Show

*hugs to Martha!*

So you all may have known that the other day was a tough day for me... it was the 3rd Anniversary of my hubby's death. :(.

That day I hide from work and I always take it off. The first year I thought I would be a mess but really it was the second year. This year when Martha of heard about the day of woe, she made it a day of SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE and spoiled me ROTTEN. We had such a blast!

We started out the day at iVillage in the loop. We got loads of free stuff and clapped are hands until they hurt. Than we went to nummy Lou Mitchell's for waffles *num* and than to Windycity Scrapbooking and the land of Maude at Paperdoll! WOOT. Both places are seriously awesome fun filled stores. I bought a Puggy Bank for my lose change, a pug ornamement and a mirror of Maude. lol. We found out that Maude likes to sleep in front of her heater and she is a 1/4 Jewish! lol. As you can see for the photostream(I HOPE IT WORKS!) she is a CUTIE.
After Chicago we ended the day at kristal's Inn - one of the best German Foodie places in the WORLD if I must say so myself.

*hugs to Martha, Bob, Pixie and Mugsey* You guys are the best!!!

Today continued the spoiling of Aine... since I have not seen her in a bit I was quilt ridden - hence we kinda went crazy at petco....¤t=445aa463.pbw

Yep... she got her nails done! lol.

HUGS ALL.... I should get sleepin! Nancy and Aine

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