Monday, December 17, 2007

Aine post: Ayatollah Mugsy tries on a new hat...

Since I can not type... Mummy has graciously said she would type this for me.

Ever since my beloved leader and husband, Ayatollah Mugsy,gained a cutie putotie brother, my Mummy and I have been composing a wee gifty for the wee Wendell. It takes time to find a gift for great leaders and their husbands!

Finally - 4 months after Wendell's birth - Mummy got the post in the mail! It had loads of toys and... a HAT.

We received the following picture from my beloved Ayatollah Mugsy.
I think the conversation went like this.
Wendell: I am not putting that on my WEE head no matter how much rawhide you give me!
Ayatollah Mugsy: Hush my child. I will show you how fetching you will look in this elfin wear.

*click goes the camera*

Does he not look fetching?! hugs and puggy kisses to my beloved hubby and brother in law Wendell!

Mummy edit....I think the puggy eyepopping details says it all. I think Ayatollah Mugsy is saying underneith his breath.. owwweeeieeeeeeeee.


Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Your re-enactment was much as the conversation occurred in the ayatollah compound. Thank you for allowing me to act out all the scenes from mother's favorite holiday movie, Elf.

Nevis said...

So cute!

Anonymous said...

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