Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We interupt this very important day to annouce.....

.... FASHIONISTA MARTHA!!! CONGRATS GIRL! Finally, pugs will RULE the earth.

....Spring Pug Party!
The Pug Primary 2008 ...Chicago

It's OK. You're invited!

Sunday May 4th, 2008
noon to 5pm
Joe's Bar (Chicago)
940 W. Weed Street
Chicago, IL 60622
All Pugs and People welcome. No Pug needed to attend. Kids welcome!
$7. Adults $4.Kids
Pugs Free!
Costume Contest, Vendor Info, Entertainment / Curly-Joe Friedman President / Ben Friedman Vice-President
2451 N. Clybourn
Chicago, Illinois 60614
Yes... I KNOW I have not posted additional puggy picys of the weekend... kinda been busy YA'ALL!!!
Nan and Aine

Sunday, February 24, 2008


No country for old men!?! BEST PICTURE?!

*sigh* okay back to studying.
(I will post pictures from the puggy play date when I get a chance) HUGS ALL

Thursday, February 21, 2008

oh man... am I HONORED!

Check this out! This was such a great suprise!

I am so honored that I am in a layout by MARTHA!!! It so ROCKS if I must say so myself!

THANKS MARTHA! And yep.... scrapbooking+pugs=loads of FUN. *hugs*

*sigh* back to the studying.... xoxox Nan and Aine (licking herself like a kitty *rolls eyes*)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Homemade Mac and Cheese - NUM

YES I am still on Hiatus. However, I am up to here *points to top of head* with TCO, TQM and JIT. :) See... even you are getting stressed.

ergo let me annouce the first ever Nan and BAGS class:


1) Make homemade Valvetta Mac and Cheese. This is not the stuff out of the blue box nooo this is double boilers and loads of other nummy incrediants... the main one being VALVETTA.
See? Aine even wants a taste. When she tasted it she got hooked. lmao.

Speaking of ms. aine..

2) Take picys of your puggy. I love her tum tum and her paws... makes me go awwwww

basking in the sun.... awww tum tum and pawwws


3) Joanne's President's day sale? HECK YA.... I have found a new craft: "punch embroidery" and also Felting. Most of you have heard of Felting but dunno if you hear of punch embroidery? Basically you can iron on a transfer, and you punch your way through it via the punch tool in green. How do you thread it? Well you can barely see the needle threader but it is the LONGEST one I have ever seen. I am quite excited to try this. I have found out that craft is very popular. In Japan it is called "banta" and it is even popular in Russia. You can even buy needles for ribbons - which I think it uber cool. In regards to felting - I am still debating on what needles to get. I hear they are easy to break especially if you are a beginner. However, never fear... ebay is here! I am currently waiting to see if I won an ebay item. HEEE.

the needle threader is basically the length of the hoop and very fragile. Arn't these transfers cool? I have visions of pug embroidery! lol. Now.. where to put it after I do it... does one put it on a purse? hmmm

FELT! I am still waiting on needles and I plan to expand my woving(the packets) a LOT.

4) SCRAP. The final part of destressing. For me it is a brain vacation.

The below is the start of my Pugvillage Valentine book. Aww will you look at Yoda? That is Aine's valentine.

Mugsey's and Pixie's card! And AIne checking out the rest.
And when all else fails? WE NAP. LOL xoxoxo Nan and Aine.

PS today would have been my 9th wedding anniv. *blows kisses to my joey*

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Valen-PUG and yes I am still on *cough* Hiatus

Pre Party....

Okay YES I am still on Hiatus. Have I studied this weekend? UMmmmm no. *gerr* YES I know VERY BAD ME. As soon as I get this done - I am off to the books. HONEST.

Before I forget let me send a big shout out to the ladies at CHA and Craft Critique... ! Have fun LADIES!!!

So this weekend has been way to cold. I mean - come on -30 windchill? And we are going to get more snow?! ACK. Seriously - I don't want to go into the office like this!
Now onto the PUGGY GOODNESS. All, please check out the NIPRA site

See? Pugs, cute stuff and my checkbook=me spending LOADS of MONEY. I justify this because it is going to an amazing cause and I just can't adopt another puggy now. I rather it go to a cause like NIPRA because after seeing how they organized this? OMG WAS I IMPRESSED!!! Let me tell ya - I don't know how the folks at NIPRA do it - I couldn't be a foster mom. While I was there this family gave up two of their BEAUTIFUL pugs. It just broke my heart. The pugs were SO SOOOOOO SWEET. I am so happy there are generous people that will let them into their lives - even if it is just for a little bit and than make sure they go to a "forever home" !

Also let me tell ya - the NIPRA silent auction goodies was FABO. I spent *cough* $250 bucks on the following: NIPRA sweatshirt, Vouges Chocolate and Iteligencia tea and coffee - with the craffe and tea pot! *SQUEE* Omg Than this uber cute Pug entry mat, pug salt and pepper(it is going to Aine's 1/2 bros me thinks) and this amazing pug stepping stone! OH and guess what? I was going to win this pug pin and treat jar - but the pin was STOLEN!! Can you believe that? I bought the treat jar anyways because Aine doensn't have one. I know - poor deprived puggy.

Some of the highlights? A little puppy peed on my uggs, believe it or not a wee puggy fight and Aine got to see her old girlfriend - KIYA!!

Hopefully you can see this but here is the Flickr set:

Here are some of the goodies I won in the silent auction...

Check this out Vouges Chocolate comes in a HAT BOX! LOVE IT!

will you LOOK AT THE tea and java press?! *FLAILS* I am such a sucker for presentation and good product

*eeee* isn't it all the CUTE!?!!
OKAY I am OFF to study. Laters all! Keep them fingers crossed for me! Hugs! Nancy and Aine.

Monday, February 4, 2008

one down - 3 more to go! (A.K.A. still on hiatus!)

*pstt psst* I passed my first testing module... now onto the next three! Let me tell you, this test was HARD. I dont know if I can post on Aine's b-day(cough Feb 23/cough) because I bought more books to study even more!

I am really REALLY trying to make Sunday a "non-study day" so that I can stay focused and actually have a life of some sort. So this Sunday I did:

Okay must get back to it! I take my next test at the end of Feb. HUGS ALL. Nan and Aine

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