Thursday, February 21, 2008

oh man... am I HONORED!

Check this out! This was such a great suprise!

I am so honored that I am in a layout by MARTHA!!! It so ROCKS if I must say so myself!

THANKS MARTHA! And yep.... scrapbooking+pugs=loads of FUN. *hugs*

*sigh* back to the studying.... xoxox Nan and Aine (licking herself like a kitty *rolls eyes*)


kim brimhall said...

awwwwww i loved those pages...she is pure genius right?...sorry i didn't make the meeting...drama over here in my world. sick hubby sick kids...packing...painting walls...never ends:) hopefully we can get together again before i leave!! so jealous of your page!

thanks for all the good vibes!!!


Nevis said...

Such great pictures! She is wonderful with her layouts.

Cricket said...

Saw the layout and it so rocks!!

Had a fabu time today Nan, even if the only thing we really accomplished was chatting it up with each other!! (totally enjoyed that!)...

Love your little girl and I tell ya, both you and Martha are making it dang hard for me not to run out and get meself a puggie for my Oswald!!


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