Wednesday, October 31, 2007


So how are ya all?

Today I went Trick R Treating with my neices and nephews. Aine was from Hogwarts and I was the purple Knight bus. Yet to publish my pictures. lol. Aine was a hit to say the least!

Also time has just slipped on by - I have so much studying to do before Monday! This weekend is going to be crazed - basically must complete my studying and than Saturday out with Sister or my second family and than Sunday - out to the Craft Fair at DurtyNellies!

Laters! Nan

Sunday, October 28, 2007

intervention needed...

omg seriously

I need to stop going to Archivers and buying emblishments. dangit.
still trying to figure out my xmas card and I don't even have the paper!

So far the xmas card will have a picture, chipboard emblishment something and I have to figure this out on a regular card sized*hits head*!

I seriously do not want to know how much $$ I have paid.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Boxing rocks my socks man.

best kinda of picture I could get with a crap camera phone!

fighter JOE.with the back of hot boxers....

For those of you have not heard... I volunteered at AIBA - IE The world wide Boxing Association which is an Olympic qualifier.My company is on the 2016 bid and they wanted a lot of folks to help out - since it was downtown - and not in bofu egypt, I was happy to help! There were so many shifts available - especially if you were a guy that loved boxing. I opted for the chatty cathy greeter. Here is what happened:

  • Got to fulfill my "BAH BYE!" type of airline stewdess dreams! God I annoyed myself! But I had loads of fun.
  • Chi-Town cops are SO fun. Omg - I was a greeter on Monroe street and since there was really nothing going on - the cops were talking to me about all this great stuff. From CSI to how there is special team for cops that know additional languages. WAS COOL.
  • Some people are WEIRD. Basically? This volunteer who WOULD NOT LEAVE MY SIDE and had CLOSE TALKER ISSUES (found out he was a senior exec at Bose Allen) was majorly getting into trouble with the head Volunteers. So when you volunteer, most people think - okay - I am there to help out - etc etc. NO. THIS guy? He did his own thing. Would leave with out telling people, decide to take his own jobs when he felt like it *hits head* I was like DUDE. Sorry but what don't you get about the word VOLUNTEER?!!? I *think* due to him pissing people and me off... he got asked to leave.... I feel bad but he did say and I quote... "do they need me here? Becuase if not I have OTHER and MANY things to do." I looked at him dumbfounded and said - um? We all signed up for a shift from 9am to 3pm... SO what gives here? *rolls eyes*
  • The food was FABULOUS... but their was no desert. YES it made sense... but I never saw a bunch of ladies say... WHERES THE DESSERT?! NO DESSERT? Ohhhhhhhh
  • God Boxers come in all shapes and sizes. I met the New Zeeland team and than saw the sole person from Australia. I swear to GOD he looked like he was 12 -than I saw the BEAUTIFUL tattoo across his shoulders. I was like DANG! you are TINY man! But was he sweet as can be!
  • A Georgia playa winked at me. LOL. HE WAS HOT!
  • What else? OH! Got to talk to the person who takes dooping tests! LOL. It was FASCIATING. Basically do you know mary jane is not illegal for Snowboards but it is for jokeys? She was saying that each sport is totally different. Also? They do suprise checks! I was like OMG!
  • Also dang - you should have seen the uniform! I got a tshirt, a hat and a JACKET. Of course some people felt like they HAD to wear turtle necks with it *shakes head* WHY do people do that?! Seriously hate turtlenecks!
  • What else? OH on the scrapbooking front. Got my ZB kit I was like hmmmm. hmmm. Also I need to really start a scrapbooking journal so I dont forget WHAT TO SCRAP.
  • Dang it - I am behind in 4 cards! I have to get stepping on those cards. I should really just finish it off for the rest of the year!

  • Nighties! nan and aine

Saturday, October 20, 2007

*bangs head*

The house is all clean today but my real digi' battery DIED. Hence had to use my cell phone camera! Sorry about the fuzzyness. As you can see - nothing compares to my nikon! *wubs it.
Aine showing off her basket of toys.

FINALLY cleaned up my scrap area.... but I have a LONG way to go...
(closeup) inside the closet of goodness

you can see me leaning in to take a picture there. I have to buy more shelves.

I went to Archivers to get "inspired" for my xmas cards. And I BOUGHT. lol.

The vast majority is from the $1.99 bin of goodies. HEE.

And because of all this fricken prograstination? I have to study before I go to my wine tasting! Hugs all! Nan

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

SQUEE ! I have been TAGGED!

I've been tagged by uber awesome MARTHA! This totally rocks - I love being tagged!

List four jobs I have had:
1. Teen board at Marshall Fields *snort* You should see THE PICTURE. Omg.
2. PR person for the Art Institute of Chicago
3. Tech Writer *zzzz*
4. "sourcing professional" So many ways to define that baby! I have been a buyer and a negociator etc etc. I love my current job and i love where I work - now I am getting my CPM and I feel like I want to shut down and just STUDY. Lol.

Movies I Could Watch Over & Over:
This is REALLY hard to limit this to 4!
1. Ferris BUELLER.
2. Anything by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp- HELLO Sleepy HALLOWWW. I can't wait for Sweeney TODD!
3. A Christmas Story
4. Harry Potter

T.V. Shows
AGAIN this is a toughy.
1. CSI Miami. Dang Horiatio and his shades
2. DHousewive
3. Brothers and Sisters
4. House

Places I've Lived
1. Chicago
2. DeKalb, IL
3. does living in london for 2 weeks count?
4. 'da burbs of Chicago

Favorite Foods
since I have no taste lately this is tough!
1. M&M blizzards. They put crack in these things - I tell YOU.
2. Salads!
3. French Onion soup with the cheese and the croutons!
4. pizza

Favorite Colors
1. sage
2. blue - as in blueberry
3. red - as in crimsony - it goes with EVERYTHING

Places I'd Love To Be Now
1. in my scraparea scrappin away
2. reclining on a overly stuffed sofa that has yet to be purchased in a yet to be decorated back room with a roaring fire and all my magazines drinking coffee and having a yet to be purchased tv on in the backroom! Of course with my puggy snuggled up by my side.
3. shopping at windycity scrapbooking, archivers or anything that is xmasy martha stewart - which BTW I called Martha Stewart Co. to find out when it is hitting the stores - and it is hitting Nov. 2 ladies!!!! I was SO shocked that they answered but the lady was super nice!
4. Visiting my friend the RACH and exploring all the goodness that is England but with a VERY cheap pound price so I could afford to GO THERE. lol.
5. sorry I am adding another one! Hanging with my KB friends in 'bucks. *le sigh*

Names I Like But Would Not Use For My Children
1. Hackett
2. mackenzie
3. britannia(I named my dog that!)

tagging these babes/dudes!

The Alex
Ayattolah Mugsey

If I screwed up the links - please see the area to the right!

So update on my job - I have been given a new opportunity that I am excited about. Lots of forward thinking so I am in that "thinking stage" - also I am asking my bosses to CONFIRM and answer some important questions - but the answer I got back was ... you dont need to have an answer by next week. I am like YES but - xyz.... ANyways - am forging ahead - I have it documented - and I am PUMPED!

I have been so far behind in my scrapping - I have taken some UBER cutey picys of Ms. Aine that is begging to be scrapped and I think I have posted them in my last post... I am also REALLY trying to focus on MY XMAS CARD. I am going to do some drawing or drafts before going to my MEETUP GROUP tonight! *does happy dance*

Omg - I SERIOUSLY live for all things crafty because it gives me that mental break from the job -and I focus on another side of my brain. After the crop weekend a week or so ago? It was like I had a mini-vacation!

So between that, studying for my CPM exam - which is another UBER high priority on my to do list for work and working out because gosh is that a stress reliever! Scrappin is hard to fit IN!

However, I have made steps to make it easily accessable. *mwahahahaha* I bought a Clipit from SISTV and I adore IT. Every little sticker thingy I own is at my finger tips! Also I have cleared out the closet that is going to be my "scrap closet". I bagged up 2 huge bags for good will! Now I have take the remaining and put them into my other closet. THAN - BUY SHELVES!!! WOOT! Also seriously looking at buying that "project desk". Martha told me that there is an uber good one at Pier one - and I have to get me there! There and BLICK. I just saw that art store! Now if I could only get that $$$ to do my corner desk? OMG BLISS. BLISS BLISS BLISSSSSSS! God so wish I won that lotto man. My house would ROCK. lol.

So I have to rock and roll on my stuff I got to do for work so I can get it off my perverbial plate on focus on my new GIG. also is lunch time - must do something about that because i THINK coffee just wont cut the lunch issue.


Monday, October 15, 2007

fun site.

she is also on Moocards! WOOT - and they sell her stickers too - SO CUTE. Seriously thinking of a an xmas card here!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Pics from this weekend and new LAYOUTS!

Layouts! Halloween card...

did a couple of different insides...

Mini Book for my friend MP who is going through a tough time

now onto the CROP

cricket and traci day 1

day 2 - we survived the SMOKE

Inspiration again... bought me one of these myself!

Martha and her amazing layout of moi and my family. Btw - here is the family..*snort* only one is not part of the family - can you figure it out?

Sarah and her table of amazing stamps! She and Martha are some of the best Crafter Mentors I know!!!

Martha's ATG gun so I remember how to actually LOAD IT.

and FINALLY some Uber cute pictures that will be scrapped very soon! I have to do some challenges afterall! lol

My new shoes, a pugs butt and two uber cute picys of ms aine of course with her smelly purple monster! ugh aine looks like demon devil spawn in this one. naughty puggy.
Why you lookin at me?
nighty NIGHT folks! nan

Sunday, October 7, 2007

*hits head*

1) anyone know how big my header should be? it is giving me a headache.

2) *hits head majorily* got all excited because the Nikon zoom lense was on sale - hence I played my negociation skills at bestbuy again and get the zoom for an amazing price. Ergo- I had to get it right? So I get it and I am like SHITE what am I doing? But the little bezelabub devil in me is like THIS IS AN AWESOME DEAL! DO IT! So I am like.. OKAY - no worries.. *drives on home* HOLY CRAP I WANTED THE ANTI-SHAKE LENSE! Of course- I didn't buy the Anti-shake lense. Therefore it is kismet and tomorrow it is being brought back to BestBuy. It just wasn't ment to be. Now I am wondering if my clip-it is meant to be! lol.

3) I bought a wheely case per the recommendation of my SISters at the LOVELY crop. HOWEVER, every single one was faded. But it was goodness, I was able to get it off for an additional 10 bucks. I am like hmm YES I can live with that. *squee organization*

4) What did I get done? Mini Scrap book and Halloween cards! WOOT!

5) what didnt I get done? cutting the grass, doing my plithera a work, go grocery shopping, hang with the pugster, clean -


However, the crop weekend was WAY worth it - it was like a mini vacation! I will post pictures laters!

Hugs ALL! I got some catchin' up to do!! Nan

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Please check out my flicr... Aine and I met the USA Snowboarding team.

Yes. I am crashing on the red head and it will be scrapped some how - some way.
Horrid picture of me. But FUN pictures of everyone else!
Also put in pictures of AIne's adventur at The Paper Doll in Chicago with Maude the Store owner. lol.

So much to do before this FABULOUS weekend!
pack for SIS crop, Make name badge, make num num cookies, get ice, bring milk and other fun stuff, find directions, make sure aine is taking care of, wrap gift. print out a LOAD of pictures.

Ack got to get back to it! OH! And I am feeling loads better! HUGS ALL! Nan

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


still sick.
stayed home and worked.
this just doesnt seem to let up. ugggh

*prays I am okay by tomorrow afternoon*
even to tired to scrap.

Monday, October 1, 2007

sicky question

Question is - if you go home sick, and you have some sort of bug, the smart thing is to NOT go into work - right? Even though you feel a bit better? (accent on bit). Sorry my brain is foggy.

See... I dont know what I loathe more - missing work or being sick. Of course tomorrow is the day that the boss and everyone is in the office. dangit. Also on Wednesday - I will be working from home too because I usually do on that day. Also I am taking the afternoon off to take some photos and meet with some friends - something I have been looking forward to for a bit.

Should I just stick it out and go in there for a 1/2 a day? or something? Please comment. thanks

ps - I just got my memories kit! dang that was prompt! Now I need my sis one! lol.

whoa is my debit card!

So I need to CONTROL the spending on this hobby. lol.

So much cute stuff and it is NOT even xmas.

*points proudly to the widget* I am now a premier member at I can't wait to get my album and other goodies. I also got the following:

This picture does not do the clipitup organizer it's due. As you all could infer - if I were to have two mentors in this new hobby of mine it is definately and both amazingly talented ladies! I hope to be as creative as them one of these days! Anyways - since I can't really cut and paste Martha's amazing craft room - I had to make due with the above. If you read her blog - her hubby did something very similar but nailed it to the wall! So it is like a clipit on 'roids! And it looks fab and it is totally productive to creativity. Since my craft space is small and temporary - the above had to do ... until I win the lotto! lol.

Also congrats to Sarah of for being on the design team of Lizzie anne designs! WOOT GO SARAH!

Okay must get back to the grind.... Nan

Ps - will upload picys of Aine's FABULOUS shopping weekend. lol YES my dog.

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