Saturday, October 20, 2007

*bangs head*

The house is all clean today but my real digi' battery DIED. Hence had to use my cell phone camera! Sorry about the fuzzyness. As you can see - nothing compares to my nikon! *wubs it.
Aine showing off her basket of toys.

FINALLY cleaned up my scrap area.... but I have a LONG way to go...
(closeup) inside the closet of goodness

you can see me leaning in to take a picture there. I have to buy more shelves.

I went to Archivers to get "inspired" for my xmas cards. And I BOUGHT. lol.

The vast majority is from the $1.99 bin of goodies. HEE.

And because of all this fricken prograstination? I have to study before I go to my wine tasting! Hugs all! Nan

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plot-bunny said...

That is a lot of scrapping stuff! and wine tasting? sounds good! :)

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