Sunday, October 7, 2007

*hits head*

1) anyone know how big my header should be? it is giving me a headache.

2) *hits head majorily* got all excited because the Nikon zoom lense was on sale - hence I played my negociation skills at bestbuy again and get the zoom for an amazing price. Ergo- I had to get it right? So I get it and I am like SHITE what am I doing? But the little bezelabub devil in me is like THIS IS AN AWESOME DEAL! DO IT! So I am like.. OKAY - no worries.. *drives on home* HOLY CRAP I WANTED THE ANTI-SHAKE LENSE! Of course- I didn't buy the Anti-shake lense. Therefore it is kismet and tomorrow it is being brought back to BestBuy. It just wasn't ment to be. Now I am wondering if my clip-it is meant to be! lol.

3) I bought a wheely case per the recommendation of my SISters at the LOVELY crop. HOWEVER, every single one was faded. But it was goodness, I was able to get it off for an additional 10 bucks. I am like hmm YES I can live with that. *squee organization*

4) What did I get done? Mini Scrap book and Halloween cards! WOOT!

5) what didnt I get done? cutting the grass, doing my plithera a work, go grocery shopping, hang with the pugster, clean -


However, the crop weekend was WAY worth it - it was like a mini vacation! I will post pictures laters!

Hugs ALL! I got some catchin' up to do!! Nan

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