Monday, October 1, 2007

sicky question

Question is - if you go home sick, and you have some sort of bug, the smart thing is to NOT go into work - right? Even though you feel a bit better? (accent on bit). Sorry my brain is foggy.

See... I dont know what I loathe more - missing work or being sick. Of course tomorrow is the day that the boss and everyone is in the office. dangit. Also on Wednesday - I will be working from home too because I usually do on that day. Also I am taking the afternoon off to take some photos and meet with some friends - something I have been looking forward to for a bit.

Should I just stick it out and go in there for a 1/2 a day? or something? Please comment. thanks

ps - I just got my memories kit! dang that was prompt! Now I need my sis one! lol.

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Martha Bonneau said...

ugh, sorry you aren't feeling well...against my better judgement, I always drag myself into work when I am sick as I will just end up laying around at home worrying that everything is getting done wrong (me a control freak...I don't know what you're talking about!)

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