Monday, October 8, 2007

Pics from this weekend and new LAYOUTS!

Layouts! Halloween card...

did a couple of different insides...

Mini Book for my friend MP who is going through a tough time

now onto the CROP

cricket and traci day 1

day 2 - we survived the SMOKE

Inspiration again... bought me one of these myself!

Martha and her amazing layout of moi and my family. Btw - here is the family..*snort* only one is not part of the family - can you figure it out?

Sarah and her table of amazing stamps! She and Martha are some of the best Crafter Mentors I know!!!

Martha's ATG gun so I remember how to actually LOAD IT.

and FINALLY some Uber cute pictures that will be scrapped very soon! I have to do some challenges afterall! lol

My new shoes, a pugs butt and two uber cute picys of ms aine of course with her smelly purple monster! ugh aine looks like demon devil spawn in this one. naughty puggy.
Why you lookin at me?
nighty NIGHT folks! nan

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