Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Look what I got!

Claudine Hellmuth's New BOOK!
I love it -what a way to start the mojo!
And lookie here ! Most of the Fashionista's from SISTV are here! CONGRATS!!!!

I can't wait to play with this book!
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Oh and I also got this amazing book from a former Stylist at Anthro! SO CANT WAIT to PLAY!

Time for accountability...

I am SO excited about this class offered by Ashley Wren at Scrapinstyletv! For those who read my blog, my bday goal was to get into Anthro clothes and to NEVER to sleep under the xmas tree AGAIN. (unless it is with a hot guy called rpatz.. anyways!) Hence that means Nan needs to be accountable with the 800 lb gorrilla in the room - my weight.

Since sleeping under the xmas tree I have done my back exercises every day and have done at least 20 minutes of working out daily. However, I need to get more involved with the eating.

I realized I can't do this alone. So I have a diet buddy at work. Have investigating some awesome blogs/sites (http://www.hungry-girl.com/ is amazing) and have actually signed up for a boxing class with a workmate!

But it isn't real until you write it down. So I can't wait until this class!

Here is a little info about this exciting class. Please click the chickie to the right and it will take you right there!

Love Yourself in 2009
It's a journal.
It's a calendar.
Its accountability.
Its a private message board.
Its support.
Its flashcards.
Its photos that you wouldn't ordinarily take.
Its inspirational emails in your inbox.
Its journaling prompts that get you to dig a bit deeper.
Its your SISters. It's a bit scrappy.
Its goals.
Its being that person you have always said you would be.
Its resolutions.
It's a new year.
Its Love Yourself in 2009

Come and join in the fun! Hugs! Nan

Monday, December 29, 2008

New Masthead for a New YEAR!

*points up*

Yes I changed my masthead! I have these amazing Japanese Packing Tape and fun stamps that needed to be showcased.

My Masthead depicts the crafty goals I want to achieve... can anyone guess them? :)


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Busy Busy....

...With making Sitting Pretties by Claudine Hellmuth from Martha's show. These were made for my Mom for my Dad's Anniv. *Miss ya Dad!*

Finding goodies at Hobby Lobby that need to be PAINTED.... Have I told ya all how much I adore the colors in Claudine's line?
A "fairy door" and my work area. Btw Frannie needed to be clothed... so I think Iam making her an apron...for ME.

Cuties I got from Anthro.... A girl and her dog! LOVE IT. And now I need to fix me a new masthead! Woot! Work tomorrow... BOO. Hugs all! Nan

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas!

I must have been a very good person this year because I - hit the jackpot in the gift arena man! Dang Santa! - you really shocked me! For reals - I never get this many gifts - and the below is just a fraction... if you want to see more look here http://www.flickr.com/gp/8631085@N08/422uM1

Some highlights! I got a fun robe from my mum. Aine thought she would do a color comparison.

Aine is watching over her myraid of new toys strewn around the floor.

MOST BEAUTIFUL Tea towel EVER. Seriously -I am thinking of making it into an apron because I don't want to get it dirty! First ever Antho gifty EVER too!

SO EXCITED about this GIFTY! No more bleeding when I am felting. Felting Thimble from japan.

Fun Books... and not pictures a Wii and Wii FIT! Wii Fit seriously will kick your butt and let me tell ya the Raymond Rabbid Rabbits? HYSTERICAL. I brought it to the party and the kids had a BLAST!

So funny thing happened yesterday. Mom, my sister and I went to midnight mass. My mom works at the church as a orgnaizer - well she almost smoked EVERYONE out because she put too much insence in the burner! lol. NOT KIDDING.
Anyways due to said hilarity - I didnt get to bed until later - and I was up early - and have to be back up early as well... so off to bed we go! HAPPY XMAS EVERYONE! Nan and Aine

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day 2 and 3 - Aprons and Snow

It has been nasty weather over yonder. I have have literally snowblowwed daily. Now the weather bugs say that it is going to get up to 45 degrees this weekend! Jeezie Pete. Let's get to the fun stuff... Cookies and Aprons!

Clara took her time creating the icing, decorating and than showing off her lovely apron! It fit perfectly!

I wish I could stand like HER! Isn't that the cutest?

Now all the NEICES!

Left to right... Mari (sis from San Fran) Danny - my Godson and than Noeley, Sarah, Clara, Maddie and Julia! :)

and let's not forget KERRY!

I am off to decorate the snowman cake! More pictures tomorrow ! Happy Xmas EVE! Nan and Aine.

PS - Look at what Aine's "husband" did. LOL.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Day one of Christmas Vacation - BRRRRR

Today we...

Snuggled in as much fake fur we could find...

Wrapped pressies ....

Finished up some last minute apron detail...

Yelled at Trespassers...

and grabbed the warmes sunbeam we could find.

Tomorrow the girls see their aprons! WOOT! Nan and Aine

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fifth Apron... DONE!

YEA! I am finally done with the neice's aprons! This is Clara's who is about 8 years old. I hope she likes it because I love this fabric from - can you believe it - IKEA?! This is literally 3 different fabrics! I love the way the fabric is so detailed - especially in the waist band.
This has been such a fun FUN project. I learned so many new bits about sewing. I mean - I did my first button hole! *does happy dance* I know you are like - HUH? Long story - but trust me - It is pretty exciting!

Now I have to finish 4 more aprons! lol. One for a person at work - one for my other neice not going to be at the party, and than for my 2 sisters!
Yep - you guessed it - I am up and about - well at least a lot more than I was - so I am not wasting any time. I am so happy that I am sewing again... I have so much to do besides these very fun aprons. I have yet to do my xmas cards!
Another fun challenge? An album for my aunt's 85 bday- You should see the pictures - I love 'em. I want to get all my sewing out of the way so I can focus on one medium at a time! lol.
Oh that reminds me - I AM OFF NEXT WEEK! Oh so much fun sewing, crafting, scrapping, painting, baking STUFF TO DO! Oh and than there is wrapping of the gifts!!!

Thank you all for sending me the following xmas cards...I ran out of room...

And this is what Aine thinks of all this hub bub...

WAIT! is that something on the TELLY?

Have a great weekend everyone! HUGS! Nan and Aine

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Update from under the Xmas Tree...

Yes this has been my life... seriously the most physical pain experienced ever. Luckily I am feeling better but I am still not there - I couldn't go to my wonderful Copic Club Class at Craft Fancy due to said pain. See, I either have to walk or lay on the floor. Sitting is for 5 minute spurts only and I have been going to the chiro every day and luckily getting better. I cant wait to get better so that I can start working out with my core so that THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN AGAIN. *is beyond determined*
Yes, we are sleeping on the floor under the watchful eye of Nurse Aine. She looks worried. For reals - Aine has been a true gem...

Lifesavers. Bless Thermacare peeps.

Finished the 4th apron in my rang of pain and having to move in order to get better. I am so happy - I did my first ever button HOLE!! YEA! and gathering! I have yet to sew the poms on - but I think my 21 year old neice will like it no?

A pattern needing to be stiched...now that I am getting my mojo back - it maybe stiched tonight - not much to do whilst on the back staring at the ceiling.
A card I created last week pre-nastyness with the wet heavy leaves. Ifinally got to get to use my punch, Stamp Rite, and Japanese GLITTER

So that has been my life - I am bound and determined to go to work tomorrow because I am getting cabin fever extremely bad due to said floor. Sad, but extremely true. Also I am "supposed" to be on holiday next week - so I want to wish my team mates happy xmas!
Okay I have to get back to the floor! Hugs Nan and Nurse Aine. PS Sorry the pictures are crap - I could only use my iphone due to reaching ability or lack there of.

Monday, December 15, 2008

in pain


I really screwed up my back
Work is making me upset
my glasses broke

EVERYTHING HAPPENS IN THREES and this pain is not HELPING! I cant walk, sit or stand. I swear to GOD when this is better - the wii fit goes up and I am becoming the work out core fitness crazy.

I am sick of not being able to rake my lawn or sew!! *gerrr*


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bad blogger is moi

I have been such a bad blogger - because I have been CRAFTING!! This is the third of my aprons on Frannie. Sorry for the crap photo - but it was taken on my cell and I wanted to post this like - 3 days ago! lol.
I love this apron - I may make one for me! I hope it is "boheimian" enough for my neice. She is way into Anthro so I hope she likes it!
I now have 2 more to go for the girls - but than I realized I really should do about 2 more (so that makes it a total of 4!) for other famly members as well. LOL.
Next up - the beginnings of my wall hanging. SQUEE! SO FUN all this sewing and stiching IS.
On a side note - Tomorrow is going to be fun - I am going to my work's holiday party and this is the first time we are doing a White Elephant exchange. I am tasked with taking pictures and such so this will be a lot of fun. I just hope I remember everything! :)
Also how about this for a Work team meeting - - Wii Wine and CHEESE! WOOT! And to make it even better? I will be off for a week! *does happy dance* I AM GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN. *SQUEEE!*
Okay Aine is calling me to bed... Talk to you soon!
PS guess what Santa got me for xmas?!

Friday, December 5, 2008


I have started reading The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman and it is a very fun read so far. It is about a little boy who wonders into a graveyard after his parents are murdered. If he stays in the graveyard, he will be safe from the murderer. The boy called - Nobody Owens or "Bod" is a is the only "live boy" who has received the Freedom of the Graveyard So far so good, also a little Twilight trivia factoid....who is the murder of his parents? A vampire! Neil was inspired by his daughters love for the Twilight book! However, it is never mentioned in the book that the killer is one - Neil mentioned in a an interview recently.

Anyways... Neil's writing is very interesting and fun... I have been lurking on his blog for a bit as well as I have heard about one of his books being made into a movie - a new stop motioned movie - Coraline - from the makers of Nightmare before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach. I have yet to read the graphic novel, but dang the movie looks great!

Well, how sweet is this? The creators of the movie (in Oregon!) sent to 50 of their favorite bloggers and/or websites a very unique and handmade gifty. A Coraline BOX! Read on to find out what each one received.

The best part about each of these boxes is the following (from Fashionista Piraha:)
The key to the kingdom.At the bottom of the box was a small, old-fashioned key with a tag attached. It is this key that I pass on to you! Go to Coraline.com and enter the password "puppetlove" to watch a short video of Henry Selick describing the relationship between the puppets and the film creators.
There are several more passwords which will let you see a variety of vignettes:
sweaterxxs" is my favorite by far - it focuses on the knitted garments Coraline and other characters wear. Each one is created by hand using the tiniest little knitting needles!

For reals! the sweaters created for this puppet are gorgeous and so TINY. Also I love Coraline's hair and nails. I have her nailpolish already and I think when the movie comes out (Feb 2009 *boo!*) I might just wear it! :)

On a very sad note, tomorrow is the 4th Anniv of my hubby's death. Happy St. Nicholas's day everyone! May you have a great weekend and remember to always give, rather than receive.

Which reminds me... I need to mail out some IOU RAKS! :) Sorry guys! I just now have time to send 'em!

Hugs all Nan and Aine.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Meet Frannie

*wavies to friends out in cyberland*
I am back from a much needed vacation. It was a fun crafty vacation filled with lots of sleeping, crafting, shopping for said crafting, going to movies, seeing old friends and eating loads of not good for ya food. :) I saw Twilight and 4 Christmas's plus rented loads of very fun movies and tv shows. Let's just say Torchwood needs to get over to the world of free tv sometimes SOON gosh darn it. Way addicting this show is... and the star is from Rockford, IL!! WOOT! *Illinois represent!*
Okay let's get down to meeting Frannie.... She is blue, she is adjustable, and she is about to be used for many many MANY sewing experiments. Yes, you all guessed it... I finally got a dress form! *does happy dance* It was on major sale at Joanne's so I couldn't pass it up. It will need to be padded but jeez is it helping me already!
Frannie is helping me make 6 aprons. (YES SIX!) for the cousins xmas cookie day of madness that comes to a head in a few weeks. I am having SO.MUCH.FUN. with her and these aprons. Two aprons are done and I am more than 3/4ths of the way done on the third. Luckily I have the patterns and the material - I plan to complete the rest this weekend! WEEE.
Here is the one for my 13 year old neice:
Here is the one for my 16 year old neice - but it is missing some detail at the top. I am stichin her nickname on it -she - I hope - will like it! Peeps my lovely neice is six feet tall ya ALL... so Frannie came in really handy. If not, the pocket would be so wonky.
Speaking of Stichin......
This along with....my 7 year old neices soon to be Wee Wonderful's Girls Apron I promised my her last week. I love adding my little touches to the stichen - it just seems to personalize it - you know?
What else? OH I organized my flossies.... and made a gift for my Pug Secret Santa from Japanese stich books.
and I *hangs head* bought more books on dogs, history, felting, stichen and *gasp* clothing(Japanese to boot!) But with the help of Frannie - I know I will be able to do it! *IS DETERMINED!*
So glad to be bloggin and stichin again! *hugs all* Nan and Aine

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