Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas!

I must have been a very good person this year because I - hit the jackpot in the gift arena man! Dang Santa! - you really shocked me! For reals - I never get this many gifts - and the below is just a fraction... if you want to see more look here

Some highlights! I got a fun robe from my mum. Aine thought she would do a color comparison.

Aine is watching over her myraid of new toys strewn around the floor.

MOST BEAUTIFUL Tea towel EVER. Seriously -I am thinking of making it into an apron because I don't want to get it dirty! First ever Antho gifty EVER too!

SO EXCITED about this GIFTY! No more bleeding when I am felting. Felting Thimble from japan.

Fun Books... and not pictures a Wii and Wii FIT! Wii Fit seriously will kick your butt and let me tell ya the Raymond Rabbid Rabbits? HYSTERICAL. I brought it to the party and the kids had a BLAST!

So funny thing happened yesterday. Mom, my sister and I went to midnight mass. My mom works at the church as a orgnaizer - well she almost smoked EVERYONE out because she put too much insence in the burner! lol. NOT KIDDING.
Anyways due to said hilarity - I didnt get to bed until later - and I was up early - and have to be back up early as well... so off to bed we go! HAPPY XMAS EVERYONE! Nan and Aine

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