Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

This is what she really thinks of it all...
awww but at the same time she is like HELP ME!
new toy post head shake!

Aine just wanted to say. HI! and HOPPY(HEE) EASTER!!

Friday, March 21, 2008


2 down, 2 more to go! YEA! I passed my second test! Now onto the third one! WOOT!
Thanks everyone for the good karma, prayers and fingers and toes crossed! *hugs ya 'all!* Nan

Thursday, March 20, 2008

oh no..

Aine likes Celine Dion!

I am working with the TV on in the background and I look up and here is Aine just googly pug eyed at the telly watching Celine! lol.

LOL! Well I must admit - she has good taste.

Hugs Nan and Aine

Monday, March 17, 2008


Lookie here!

Nancy Beyer: Assistant Vendor Coordinator and General Craft Specialist

I am so honored to be helping this very strong WOB(Woman Owned Business)out! I am so excited! I think this is really a good fit and I can't wait to help the team!! *dances*
Besides that - what else is up? Crazy busy at work and studying. Which reminds me - please everyone - keep your fingers and toes crossed for me this Friday I am taking the 2nd out of 4 tests.
OH and Aine and I want to wish you Happy St. Patty's DAY!! Do you all know that Aine's name is Irish? It means "joy". Her other name is Grainne which means "grace". However Britannia and Sasha aren't really Irish. lol.
Will you look at my baby? All in her fisherman's hat and sweater? She is styling the beads too.


Oh and proof that Mugsy and Pixie actually DO love each other... awwwww. We miss you guys!! See? I think Aine is a bit teary eyed because we miss you all!

Hugs all! Nan and Aine!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Good Golly!*

I have been SHOPPIN! I went to Archivers, Quilters Heaven in Northbrook, IL and HANNAHS with Sarah, Martha and Cricket. We had a blast! We also went out for lunch and desert too. NUMMY. I always love Hannahs because they have stuff you can't find anywhere! I bought some glaze paints, pug inspired roving, thickers, lovely paper and the new Amy Butler bag! speaking of Amy butler - I bought the material for my skirt. Isn't pretty?

Paper, Aine inspecting the purchases(above), new moda material, more pictures of paper below
Always the multi-tasker... I wanted to see if Aine liked the bag!
She really doesn't fit in the bag, sorry for the flash. Aine like wtf man.
Yea... She was not to pleased. LOL.

Speaking of Puggies... lookie at this adorable video of a Puggy at Crufts! SOOOO CUTE!
Okay I have been VERY bad all weekend on my studying so I must go back to it. Thank GOD there is nothing good on my 5 channel Sony. I must say that it sucks that I can't do any crafting - hence MUST STUDY!
Hugs all! Nan and Aine
Oh btw - I have Cricket to thank for my Title! *hugs*

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Proof that I was a sewer when I was a little chick

I made this doll when I was either 10 or 12 years old! I think I did a pretty good JOB! I even embroidered the face. It is a bit off and totally not perfect but I think that is pretty cool. lol.

The doll on the right was first made by PHd sister. The face was done pefectly. I tried to make my doll look like hers.
I have more pictures - please let me know if you want to see how I contstructed it.

Today I bought some fabulous fabric for my new skirt! I have to get the lining, thread and the zipper. I am way excited. Tomorow I get to meet up with my SISters in Antioch IL to do some shopping and some TEA Partying! WOOT!
Now I have to study. *sigh* HUGS! Nan and Aine

Sunday, March 2, 2008

pug pictures

I am delinquent in showing play date picys with Martha, Mugsy and Pixie!

I LOVE it when Mugsy "talks" - he is now singing. lol.

Can ya get me?! Aine and Pixie on the stairs. Aine refuses to go up stairs at my home but at Martha's? She is all over it! lol.

Treat Time... Mugsey is like WHY are the girls always begging first? what is up with this. lol.

Dress up time... Aine saying to Martha... WHYYYYY... *oh* Treat! Okay!


Of course Pixie had to try the fisherman's hat too!

Okay Kinda embarrassing but we had to put Mugsy in pigtails.. heee

and a cubs hat....

This is what Pixie thinks of all these shin-anin-gans *ah! LOVE THE TONGUE!*

Now onto some fun things that I ordered... a PUG FELTING ANIMAL! WOOT! I love how the Japanese package their items! Also the instructions are so EASY. I mean? it is color coated - SO GENIUS!

Okay here is the Sewing Caddie I got from the estate sale and LOOKIE there was stuff in it! Not much good stuff - but stuff none-the-less. Also - yes I know it is not all *that* but hey - it is a start - and I thought it was fun!

New Photos of Aine taken today during my study break... I love it!

<---- MOM?! You studying AGAIN? *gasp*

(below) ohhhh must check it out for you! *inspects my highlighter*

<----- Oh I guess all is okay...
watchya think mom? (below) MOM?

*ohhh* do I see dogs on tv?

okay mom - I am going to go now - you good? Okay.

and than on to other crafting news....

YEA! look at the fun Jenni Bolin product! *squee*

Okay I best get back to it! HUGS ALL! Keep your fingers crossed - I am back to the test this weekend! Nan and Aine

Saturday, March 1, 2008


I bought....

This pattern is uber cool and has many functions... I cant make 3 different kinds of skirts and an apron! Now I can't decide wht fabric to buy so that i can wear it to work!

And look at these uber cute fabrics? Aine is going to be sporting a red riding hood costume me thinks and isn't this dog fabric THE CUTE? I am thinking she needs a Pillow (like the one Maude has!) for her bed!
When will this craft vacation COME! *off to be bed and studying* !!!
Have a great week ya ALL! Aine and Nan

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