Monday, March 17, 2008


Lookie here!

Nancy Beyer: Assistant Vendor Coordinator and General Craft Specialist

I am so honored to be helping this very strong WOB(Woman Owned Business)out! I am so excited! I think this is really a good fit and I can't wait to help the team!! *dances*
Besides that - what else is up? Crazy busy at work and studying. Which reminds me - please everyone - keep your fingers and toes crossed for me this Friday I am taking the 2nd out of 4 tests.
OH and Aine and I want to wish you Happy St. Patty's DAY!! Do you all know that Aine's name is Irish? It means "joy". Her other name is Grainne which means "grace". However Britannia and Sasha aren't really Irish. lol.
Will you look at my baby? All in her fisherman's hat and sweater? She is styling the beads too.


Oh and proof that Mugsy and Pixie actually DO love each other... awwwww. We miss you guys!! See? I think Aine is a bit teary eyed because we miss you all!

Hugs all! Nan and Aine!


Ayatollah Mugsy said...

What a lovely pugsmile.

Cricket said...

aw, Aine is beautiful, LOVE that hat, she is stylin I tell ya!!

Yay for you on the Craft Critique, so awesome!!

Good luck on the test!! When we getting together again, and how's that skirt coming? LOL, mine is still sitting in a bag...pooh!


lori marie said...

what a stinkin cutie pie!! i think matilda and aine would LOVE each other:)

smiles and hugs

Nevis said...

Aww....Aine is such a sweetheart!

peg graham said...

Sorry I missed saying 'Happy St. Pat's Day' yesterday...I was with a friend who was visiting from West VA. So....Happy Belated St. Pat's Day, eh? hehehe!!!
Love Aine in that hat and sweater!

Good Luck this Friday!!!!!!!!!
oh....and CONGRATULATIONS!!! New member of CC!!! That is wicked awesome!

Peg and Yoda

Radiogirl said...

Hey ... congrats on Craft Critique. I am soooo looking forward to it.

tonya said...

what cute little puggies!!!!

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