Saturday, March 8, 2008

Proof that I was a sewer when I was a little chick

I made this doll when I was either 10 or 12 years old! I think I did a pretty good JOB! I even embroidered the face. It is a bit off and totally not perfect but I think that is pretty cool. lol.

The doll on the right was first made by PHd sister. The face was done pefectly. I tried to make my doll look like hers.
I have more pictures - please let me know if you want to see how I contstructed it.

Today I bought some fabulous fabric for my new skirt! I have to get the lining, thread and the zipper. I am way excited. Tomorow I get to meet up with my SISters in Antioch IL to do some shopping and some TEA Partying! WOOT!
Now I have to study. *sigh* HUGS! Nan and Aine


Cricket said...

such a cute doll!!! You are so crafty girl!!


IamSusie said...

I think your doll is cuter than your sister's. She has a funner personality and is ready for a party!

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...

LOL Susie and Cricket!

Susie - you know my mom said the SAME THING. lol...

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