Sunday, March 2, 2008

pug pictures

I am delinquent in showing play date picys with Martha, Mugsy and Pixie!

I LOVE it when Mugsy "talks" - he is now singing. lol.

Can ya get me?! Aine and Pixie on the stairs. Aine refuses to go up stairs at my home but at Martha's? She is all over it! lol.

Treat Time... Mugsey is like WHY are the girls always begging first? what is up with this. lol.

Dress up time... Aine saying to Martha... WHYYYYY... *oh* Treat! Okay!


Of course Pixie had to try the fisherman's hat too!

Okay Kinda embarrassing but we had to put Mugsy in pigtails.. heee

and a cubs hat....

This is what Pixie thinks of all these shin-anin-gans *ah! LOVE THE TONGUE!*

Now onto some fun things that I ordered... a PUG FELTING ANIMAL! WOOT! I love how the Japanese package their items! Also the instructions are so EASY. I mean? it is color coated - SO GENIUS!

Okay here is the Sewing Caddie I got from the estate sale and LOOKIE there was stuff in it! Not much good stuff - but stuff none-the-less. Also - yes I know it is not all *that* but hey - it is a start - and I thought it was fun!

New Photos of Aine taken today during my study break... I love it!

<---- MOM?! You studying AGAIN? *gasp*

(below) ohhhh must check it out for you! *inspects my highlighter*

<----- Oh I guess all is okay...
watchya think mom? (below) MOM?

*ohhh* do I see dogs on tv?

okay mom - I am going to go now - you good? Okay.

and than on to other crafting news....

YEA! look at the fun Jenni Bolin product! *squee*

Okay I best get back to it! HUGS ALL! Keep your fingers crossed - I am back to the test this weekend! Nan and Aine


Cricket said...

LOVE those pics!! gosh dang it, they are so stinkin' cute!!

Yay on all the new crafty stuff too, looks like lots of fun will be had!


Nevis said...

Such cute photos!

peg graham said...

First- Good Luck on the testing!!!!
Second- I want a felted pug kit, where can I get one? (That is wicked awesome, girl)!
Third- LOVE all the pics! Looks like fun and silliness was had by all.
Fourth- PUG HUGS to You and Aine, from Yoda and me!!!!!

Donna said...

Thought I would finally stop by and say HI! Bring that pug kit to Craft Collective this month.

IamSusie said...

Your dogs are so totally adorable!

Martha Bonneau said...

Felted pug = cuuuuute!
Mugsy and Pixie had so much fun with Aine...they loved trying on her clothes :)

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