Monday, September 29, 2008

Goodies from the weekend

Oh what a weekend! I did a lot of crafting and went to an amazing Crop with Cricket this weekend. Here are some of the yummies that I created and/or bought/won/gifted.
Here is my Ghotie in progress... Sorry for the bad picture, I was in a hurry while doing this on a break from work.

Yummies group picture. My mom gave me the pumbkin tea towel! Isn't that sweet? The items in front of the towel I won at Hannah's crop. It is Basic Grey's Scrap for the Cure Breast Cancer Kit. Very nice KIT! The small sewing kit was on extreme sale so I had to get it along with the cute fat quarters!
Close up of some of favorite yummies - will you look at this nummy ribbon? From Hannah's. So many sewing projects come to mind! I adore the colors and the pom poms!
I was able to complete my halloween cards - not Aine's dress but the cards themselves and some ATC's.

Close up of the detail and far away....
Inside - I love it!
Okay got to get back to it all! Hugs! Nan


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fun chalk tool and apron

Still a work in progress... I have to do the stich'n....but the lace is the coolest and I love the two colored poms!

BEST SEWING TOOL EVER. See those itty bitty pencil like things? THOSE ARE CHALK! *flails* That red thing is a HOLDER!

Oh man I could go on but it is late and I have 10 folks I have to entertain tomorrow during study group!

linkey loo

Because she ROCKS...

Martha Stewarts Blog.

Okay back to work! :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

mini book - Trick R Treat Randomness

This is why I don't go to the grocery store anymore... I COME HOME WITH THIS! *hits head* But talk about your inspo! Cubbies winning and magazines. I have already poured through the Scrapping one and I have the other yet to go!

Speaking of scrapin...
*does happy dance* My House made it to the FRONT WINDOW of Craft Fancy!!! *squee* Oh man. So happy. Also, will you just LOOK at that CUTE CUTE CUTE Amuse Stamp of Boris that Simone enlarged? Isn't that COOL? That is what I did with my fence - I enlarged a one inch stamp to about 3 inches. That is what I love about Amuse - SO MUCH detail and the stamps that you can create pretties such as this!

Btw - here is the mini-book that will be in the Trick R Treat house. You have to guess, what is a "trick" or which one is a "treat"....

TREAT~!TRICKKKKK - isn't that funky? It was in a park in San Fran!

TREAT! not great picture but these are BEAUTIFUL glass blown pumbkins
You decide - I think this is just darn right SCARRY.

Hope you enjoyed it all - I have to run back to work! HUGS! Nan

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tea and pugs

Annie (left) and MP(right)

Yesterday I went for my belated BFF Birthday Tea get together at Infini-Tea in Antioch IL it was SO yummy and it was SO fun to see MP and Annie. Of course - as luck would have it - I threw out my back right before I went into the car to take the hour drive to Anticoch's Infini-Tea. That was the only downer. I am now sitting with heat and cold packs and trying to move as much as possible.

The surprise was seeing 3 puggies and CRICKET! I was only able to take a picture of Mopsie the puggie. No worries - more pics of Cricket next week when we go to Hannah's for a crop! YEA! I can't wait! Annie and I wondered over to Hannahs and we were lost in there for at least an hour. *squee* The best thing about Hannah's is that they have rare sewing and other goodies - for instance I bought this tracing material for my latest pattern purchase. It is a 1963 Shirt dress. And believe it or not - it was in my size. GRANTED... I think I will be doing some adjusting - hence - must get that tracing material!
Anyways - is this not the CUTEST pug accessory? They did the bow with a hemostat(a scissor like thingy that holds something instead of cutting) and put the bow around the TINY hair. Wow. I am impressed!

Okay - I have to run for java with my sister! Running late! HUGS ALL! Nan

Friday, September 19, 2008


"Midnight Vintage Sale"This Just In: Vintage Paper + Ephemera KitsFor a limited time only in the SIStv Vintage Cafe!We've added a whole list of new (okay, well technically they are old) items to the menu! Kits full of paper + ephemera, as well as mini kits full of vintage fabric! Consider these your vintage appetizers! And they are all priced between $5 and $9.95! It's better than happy hour!So be sure to head over to the SIStv Vintage Cafe (located conveniently in the SIStv Boutique) at Midnight, CST to get your helping of vintage goodies! Please click the icon to the right!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Alex 101

Oh the fun we have at the Meetup's Chicagoland Craft Collective. We just don't learn about crafting you all!

"it is special"

AWKWARD turtle

and darn - I didnt get the "golf clap"!
but Aine has to say something...

Have a great WEEKEND everyone!

Three Pugs in a row... which one is made of WOOL?

Please see my felted pug tutorial at Craft Critique!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Halloween House!

I am so excited! I just finished the latest in my fun little halloween houses! I call it the "trick or treat house".

I used:
Maya Road House and Button
a-Muse Stamps - Celebration kids, enlarged crooked fences
Hallowhimsy by Imaginisce
Doodlebug Sugar Glitter black and Orange, and Purple Velvet flock and velvet flocked paper
Teresa Colins Spooktacular
Distress crackle paint - Black Soot and Frayed Burlap
Jenni Bowlin mini calender "October"
lollypop sticks
7 gypsy's chip board

Of course you can see it all at CraftFancy - right when you walk in! :) Let me know what you think! Nan

DTV. I have not lived.

So besides getting the not so fun news how much electricity really costs... I now have 49 channels in dtv vs. my previous 4 analog ones!

For some unknown reason - I get MTV and Qubo - and I don't have cable! Hey I am not complaining!

So excited to see my meetup pals tonight!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Omg! How could I forgotten this?!

Check out the Social Butterfly kit by SISTv! I am so excited about this because Mugsy's and Pixie's MUMMY the FANTABULOUS Martha B created the first SISTV Look Book! The SISTV Look book shows you 4 project for one kit! I am SO excited. I am totally getting this. Here is a description of the kit:

You know the type: she's everyone's friend, always knows all the hot spots in town, her cell phone rings non stop...she's a Social Butterfly and we've collected a slew of scrappy supplies that would cause her to cancel her Friday night plans and spend the night in, scrapping until the wee hours of the morning...
Buy it here! See how easy that was? I can't wait to see what you create! :) Hugs Nan

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Ouch. I am still recovering from rain rain rain RAIN and lets not even start on the machines revolting on me this weekend. In fact. one even hurt me.

Renegade was very VERY damp, cold and windy which was disapointing. Hence that made Nan a grouch monster - than throw a lost dog in the mix? Nan turns EMO... big time. I sincerely apologize to Martha and Sarah. I was definately NO.FUN. Please forgive me! *blushes*
So since I have been a bad blogger and even worse friend, I give you... pictures! *squee*
So - you have to create something every day right? I decided to cook. I know! I don't recall the last time I cooked but today was a day for comfort food. I wanted a hamburger with loads of nummy pickles... bad. Doesn't it look NUMMY? It was indeed nummy.

To prep for the nasty weather...I wore my new alice in wonderland above the knee socks and my legs were the only one not cold today! Arn't they fun? Now I seriously want to make a pinafore and wear a black headband... hmmmm

Shall we discuss the Renegade gooddies? It was a day of FLAIR
and gorgeous material and papergoods.

and awesome anglophile shirts. Yep. I had my geek on.:)

Tape and Maude mirror from The Paper Doll in Chicago.
So Aine decided to model her pj's for you. But they don't fit.
So they are being repurposed most likely....
okay we are feeling a bit tired! HUGS. Hope you enjoyed the post! Nan and Aine.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Come hell or HIGH WATER

I will be here this weekend.
Besides that I have no antenna. GERR.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Flair Favorites

Some of my favo flairs as of late!
Such a crafty fun Saturday and Sunday planned! YEA-NESS

Monday, September 8, 2008

See Aine....

See Felted pug that I made for a review.... See Aine attack felted puggy.
See Aine chomp on Felted Toy's EAR!!
See post chomping with puggy bank friend. Her button ear went to something more floppy. See one pissed off puggy. DENIED!
But look at the sizes! lol.
Aine-ways.... I have much more to share but I still in the midst of uploading! ACK! I have a broken home comp so it is going to take me a bit! HUGS ALL! Nan and Aine.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

nan the wiki

Sorry I have been radio silent... It has been crazy lately! But I have been playing with some fun toys...

wow. I think my English Geek is in full swing.

okay. Aine is trying to be inappriate with a certain body part. Must run.
PS -Halloween Apron and new house is still being worked on! Will update soon!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Craft Critique and back from micro mini vacay.

Hey Everyone! I am back from my micro mini vacay! Oh my goodness.. I have had so much fun! Got to see my BFF's that I have not seen in a LONG time. We had so much fun my knees are killing me... oh my goodness so much walking to the Field, an amazing boat cruise and nummy nummy FOOD. Also I got to see Wall-e! So cute and funny. Even though his voice kinda annoyed me at times - but to cute!

Today is a busy day as well (visiting Mom and cuddling ms. Aine who is quite upset with me!) and than it culminate with the premiere of GOSSIP GIRL!! YEA. Oh so much inspo will be coming from that show.

Speaking of inspo - I am so excited to tell you all the Craft Critique is having a call for reporters! Please join in the fun and frivolity - Sarah and Melissa are amazing peeps and every reporter is just so supportive! I encourage you to try out!

OH and let's not forget that ZingBoom will be for sale at ScrapinstyleTV tomorrow!! If you are intersted - please press the button to the right and it will take you right to the Boutique! ZingBoom is an amazing kit of vintagey goodness! SO CAN'T WAIT to buy it! *squee*

Yep that "budget" went POOF! this month! lol.

Okay I will be back with Pictures! HUGS! Nan

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