Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tea and pugs

Annie (left) and MP(right)

Yesterday I went for my belated BFF Birthday Tea get together at Infini-Tea in Antioch IL it was SO yummy and it was SO fun to see MP and Annie. Of course - as luck would have it - I threw out my back right before I went into the car to take the hour drive to Anticoch's Infini-Tea. That was the only downer. I am now sitting with heat and cold packs and trying to move as much as possible.

The surprise was seeing 3 puggies and CRICKET! I was only able to take a picture of Mopsie the puggie. No worries - more pics of Cricket next week when we go to Hannah's for a crop! YEA! I can't wait! Annie and I wondered over to Hannahs and we were lost in there for at least an hour. *squee* The best thing about Hannah's is that they have rare sewing and other goodies - for instance I bought this tracing material for my latest pattern purchase. It is a 1963 Shirt dress. And believe it or not - it was in my size. GRANTED... I think I will be doing some adjusting - hence - must get that tracing material!
Anyways - is this not the CUTEST pug accessory? They did the bow with a hemostat(a scissor like thingy that holds something instead of cutting) and put the bow around the TINY hair. Wow. I am impressed!

Okay - I have to run for java with my sister! Running late! HUGS ALL! Nan


Cricket said...

tell me you saw that puggie at the Barker Shoppe?? That is where Sir Oswald goes...I recognize the floor! LOL

so fun to see you in the "drive-by" fashion...what are the odds? Can't wait to scrap wich ya next Saturday!


Nevis said...

Looks like you had a blast..! :) Don't forget to show pictures of yourself in the dress!

IamSusie said...

Nan! If you went on route 83, you went right past my neighborhood on your way up north to Antioch. That tea place is really fun. We went there with our Brownies.

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