Sunday, September 14, 2008


Ouch. I am still recovering from rain rain rain RAIN and lets not even start on the machines revolting on me this weekend. In fact. one even hurt me.

Renegade was very VERY damp, cold and windy which was disapointing. Hence that made Nan a grouch monster - than throw a lost dog in the mix? Nan turns EMO... big time. I sincerely apologize to Martha and Sarah. I was definately NO.FUN. Please forgive me! *blushes*
So since I have been a bad blogger and even worse friend, I give you... pictures! *squee*
So - you have to create something every day right? I decided to cook. I know! I don't recall the last time I cooked but today was a day for comfort food. I wanted a hamburger with loads of nummy pickles... bad. Doesn't it look NUMMY? It was indeed nummy.

To prep for the nasty weather...I wore my new alice in wonderland above the knee socks and my legs were the only one not cold today! Arn't they fun? Now I seriously want to make a pinafore and wear a black headband... hmmmm

Shall we discuss the Renegade gooddies? It was a day of FLAIR
and gorgeous material and papergoods.

and awesome anglophile shirts. Yep. I had my geek on.:)

Tape and Maude mirror from The Paper Doll in Chicago.
So Aine decided to model her pj's for you. But they don't fit.
So they are being repurposed most likely....
okay we are feeling a bit tired! HUGS. Hope you enjoyed the post! Nan and Aine.

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Nevis said...

Sorry Renegade was rainy. That's what Martha was saying on her blog, too. Looks like you got some awesome loot, though!

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