Monday, September 1, 2008

Craft Critique and back from micro mini vacay.

Hey Everyone! I am back from my micro mini vacay! Oh my goodness.. I have had so much fun! Got to see my BFF's that I have not seen in a LONG time. We had so much fun my knees are killing me... oh my goodness so much walking to the Field, an amazing boat cruise and nummy nummy FOOD. Also I got to see Wall-e! So cute and funny. Even though his voice kinda annoyed me at times - but to cute!

Today is a busy day as well (visiting Mom and cuddling ms. Aine who is quite upset with me!) and than it culminate with the premiere of GOSSIP GIRL!! YEA. Oh so much inspo will be coming from that show.

Speaking of inspo - I am so excited to tell you all the Craft Critique is having a call for reporters! Please join in the fun and frivolity - Sarah and Melissa are amazing peeps and every reporter is just so supportive! I encourage you to try out!

OH and let's not forget that ZingBoom will be for sale at ScrapinstyleTV tomorrow!! If you are intersted - please press the button to the right and it will take you right to the Boutique! ZingBoom is an amazing kit of vintagey goodness! SO CAN'T WAIT to buy it! *squee*

Yep that "budget" went POOF! this month! lol.

Okay I will be back with Pictures! HUGS! Nan

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