Monday, September 8, 2008

See Aine....

See Felted pug that I made for a review.... See Aine attack felted puggy.
See Aine chomp on Felted Toy's EAR!!
See post chomping with puggy bank friend. Her button ear went to something more floppy. See one pissed off puggy. DENIED!
But look at the sizes! lol.
Aine-ways.... I have much more to share but I still in the midst of uploading! ACK! I have a broken home comp so it is going to take me a bit! HUGS ALL! Nan and Aine.


Cricket said...

cute little felted puggie!!! What funny pics of your Aine getting all wiggy on it!!

sorry to hear your puter is on the fritz!


Nevis said...


TracyP said...

What a cutie:):)

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