Sunday, June 29, 2008

The amazing crafters you meet at Craft Fancy's Grand Opening....

Who, both basically live in my neighborhood! Jen is a digi master and Margie is a papercraft extraordinaire! Both are extremely talented and I am so honored to meet them.
Also, will you look at these goodies that Jen gave me?
She is PURGING her stamps and paper and loads of other goodies so if you are interested please contact her. Let me tell ya she has some GOOD STUFF. Thanks JEN! That is so sweet of ya!

Btw - speaking of goodies - did you all get to the grand opening of Craft Fancy? Yes? Good on ya! If not *GASP* Why not!?!! GET THERE PEEEPS! It was soooo fun and Simone and Carol ROCK.
What else... oh I picked up some books...
New Moon by Stephanie Meyer *yes I knowwwww*
Notting Hell by Rachel Johnson
Belle De Jour, and Unlikely Calling for a Call Girl by Anonymous
and this is what Aine did this weekend.....

Ack. I have to do a project for work! Laters peeps! Nan and Aine (who is currently watching LEWIS on Masterpiece Theater)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Happiness is...

Meeting SISters at an Ali Edwards class. Sorry for the blurryness but this was the best out of the two pictures taken. This is BABS on the left and Josie on the right of me.

Meeting new friends from Singapore. This is Carol everyone! She was seriously there only to take a picture of Ali but was lucky enough to take the class due to a last minute cancelation. Carol was amazing to talk to during our 3 plus hour class.

Meeting and talking with Ali, getting new ideas on how to scrap and receiving fabulous kits.
and finally coming home to a baby puggy. AWW.

I hope you all have a happy weekend! Nan and Aine

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gosh dang it...

I can't put this damn book down. I was up until 2:30 am this morning reading it.

I personally think this writer can not write for shit but hot diggity, does she tell a good story. Yes, my English Geek Grammer RADAR was going off the charts while devouring this book, but all was forgiven when Edward pops up on the pages. I mean, he makes me want to have a boyfriend. *shakes head* How sad is that? Seriously, they need to put a disclaimer on this book that reads um LADIES. if you take away the whole *vampire thing* men are not like Edward, they are more like Charlie. :)

Than I found out who is in the movie: Robert Pattinson from Harry Potter and the Globlet of Fire! Also the movie is being directed by one of my favorite directors, Catherine Hardwicke of Thirteen and the Lords of Dogtown fame. What a trifecta of hot and talented goodness!

Can we have a *squee* ya'all???!!!

At lunch you betchya I will be off to look at the trailer again, now that I am more than half way through the book. ;)

Nan and zzzz Aine.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Pug question ....

I recently received a comment on my article in Craft Critique, where did I get my Pug Aine (or B.A.G.S)??
I wish this was a simple answer, but no decision on owning an animal is simple.
My soupbox is this -please research the dog breed you want before buying a dog. You will also need to understand or research what you can and cannot take in an animal. A dog is a commitment. It is not an accessory that can just be dumped off when you don't feel like you can't take it anymore.

Okay - end of soup box - but please read on to why I feel this way.

Buddy was the first dog my hubby and I owned. He was a great dog until something *happened*. I am not blaming everything on Buddy, I am blaming a lot of it on myself and my hubby. We were the idiots. We didn't research the breed. We didn't know what we wanted nor what we could handle. We thought every dog was just *great*. We were just plain wrong in that assumption.

After many agressive tendencies and two dog speciality traning schools, Buddy went to an animal behaviorist because he was missing the process to recognize me and Joe as his master/owner. We had to put him on prozac. Sadly, after the third bite to my face that required 10 stiches, and a police report against my dog, I along with my vet had to make the very sad decision to put Buddy down. It was one of the hardest decisions that I had to make in my life. By this time, I had lived through my own illness and my husband's illness and death. I was sick of making decisions and I didn't want to make this one at all.

My vet knew Buddy since he was 8 weeks old. He saw the progression and provided much advise on this subject. Ultimately it was my decision and I don't regret what I had to do even though it still breaks my hear to think about it. I just know that Buddy is hanging out with Joey in Heaven and all is okay now :)

So when I realized I wanted another dog, I made sure things would be different. I researchd the breeds I wanted. Believe me, I was so dead set on a corgi, but after much research I realized a hearding breed was not for me. Herding breeds need RULES and consistent RULES. Also they need 2 hours of exercise a day. After much deliberation, I decided on a pug.

Pugs have their pros and cons as well. If you are interested in a pug remember this, they do not take excessive heat or cold well at all. Seriously, my air conditions goes on at 85 degrees for her! Aine also sheds like crazy - I mean sometimes she thinks her fur bunnies are her own pets. lol Pugs also think they are humans and will be with your 24x7 - which I love personally. Also, I knew she would nip at me, but I also knew that I wouldn't get 10 stiches in my face from her little mouth. :)

I was not going to go to a shelter because I had a HORRID experience with the shelter from where I got Buddy. They seriously yelled at me and put me on a do not adopt list without knowing what the real story was when Buddy died. So I decided to go with a reputiable breeder. Which let me tell ya - that is hard to find.

I finally found one and I still talk to her to this day. She welcomed the questions and the fact that I wanted to see what the temperment was before I bought the dog. I saw Aine at 3 weeks to pick her, than again at 6 weeks and I finally took her home at 8 weeks. No question was stupid for my breeder. She wanted to make sure her babies were fine and in good homes. In fact, Aine's 1/2 brothers live not far from me and we all remain in touch and sometimes have play dates together.

Even though I had a horrid experience with a shelter, I do believe in shelters and breed rescues but I do not believe in puppy mills or buying your dogs from a store. If you saw the Oprah show on puppy mills, you would totally "get it".
Currently, I am not in the market for another puggy, believe me I would love one, but I also know my personal monitary limits and fears. However, the next one will definately be from a breed rescue. Now if I win the lotto? Screw the fears, Nan is having a pug RANCH. Of course, Aine will not be pleased with the thought of sharing cuddles with her many and brothers and sisters....

As you can see Aine, is confused about that whole "sharing" of love thought.
HUGS and happy research! Nan and Aine

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ways to destress Part 2: gossip magazines and icecream

*sigh* I hate to be all debbie downerish or bring my personal life into what is supposed to be a very fun and crafty/pug loving blog, but it has been a stressful time since Thursday. My grammer school BFF M.P. (aka the Sasha in Aine's name) had a living kidney transplant and everyone has been on edge for MP and her sister Kate who was her donor.

The great news is that she and her sister are doing well but all lines of communication is coming via email. So me and my other BFF, Annie, are like crazy stressed. We can't visit her because she is in Madison Wisconsin at the transplant unit. And if you have ever been in one of those units? OI!

You would think I would be fine after the great news that she is okay but she is not out of the woods yet. Also I have had nasty flashbacks about what it was like to be waiting by my loved one's bed while in ICU. The waiting will drive anyone mad. Hence Nan is one stressed little bunny. That, and I go back to work tomorrow. :( I was informed I have to do an 11 page + job aide before Tuesday. Man will i need MAJOR coffee tomorrow. Luckily I have MP's home coming and Ali Edwards at WindyCity and the grand opening of Craft Fancy to look forward to. However, my mojo flew the coop due to all this stress. gerr.

So when one gets stressed one eats ice cream and reads gossip magazines. Luckily I didnt buy anything more than the magazines and the icecream... I almost walked out with a dress form or a WII!!!
So after icecream.. one must arrange little animals....

They are situated so I can look at them while I am working in my homeoffice. Wage and Dog were procured in Franklin TN. Oh... and let's not forget LambChop! I found out today that the creater of the puppet actually would order Lampchops in the restaurants to freak out the waiters. lol.

However all gets into perspective when Aine makes me laugh and I feel much betters...

LOL! She lokes like a Muppit in the last one.

I know I am being a worry wart but I hate it when my friends are in pain. *Gives cyper hugs to all friends* Nan and Muppit Aine

Friday, June 20, 2008

goodies from the trip and some creativity.

Franklin TN is the mecca for antiques let me tell ya. I never saw such variety and excellent pricing on antiques before. I was in heaven. Who would have thunk I would have found a 1953 Queen Elizabeth coronation pin cushion....

Or these post cards and valentines?

Not only does Franklin have antiques... there are amazing sewing stores stocked with fabric and trim. I mean, I found a store dedicated to "smocking".

And let's not forget the scrap place that was selling things for 50% off!

So that meant I had to CREATE!

Have a great weekend all! I will be crafting up a store I feel! Hugs! Nan and Aine.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I am back ya'all!

Sorry it took me so long to update - I have been without phone or dsl since I came home. BLESPHEMY I tell ya. Seriously.
*edit* sorry about the spaces I can't fix them and the 'za is here ya all!

So here are some things I have never seen or tasted before that come from TN.....
Hay rolled up, not square bailed... pretty

tucker 2 having the BEST BISCUITS EVER. NUM.

Inappropriate signs in the Loveless Hotel Bathoom ... but hysterically funny at the same time.

Entering the bible belt....

Pugs in pink Helen Wigs

Amazing antiques... MINE!

Wigwam Hotel 2

Oh man I had so much fun on this trip! Thanks much to Martha and SISTV! I can't wait to go back! Hugs all! Nan

Monday, June 9, 2008

Road Trip!

Aine and i are going on vaction. I am going with Martha to SISinverary and good old TENNESSEE ya'ALL! I have never been to the South so I am like UBER excited. Remember, this is the Chicago girl that went to Uni not knowing what the heck a Bale of Hay was... I thought hay came in cornstalks! lol. ANYWAYS. I am excited. I have already been making a list of fun stuff to get from antique stores and the like - because if I don't I will be broke by the time I get home and that won't be good! Martha and I will have our cameras and Flip with us - so we will update when we can. Oh man it is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!! *squee* I can't wait to meet all my SISters!! I hope they like the ATC's that I made.

I have been "missing Aine mode" since last week and I have not even left yet! I decided to hang with the baby because I wanted to have some more cuddle time with her. She is very cuddly lately. She knows something is up.

Aine's mini vacation is hanging with Dave the dogwalker. He is so great - I mean? he puts up with ME!! lol.

Considering Aine literally ate a hole in her new bag of food, I thought we would do that packing first.

FOOOOOOOODDD!!!! Sorry this is such a crappy picture but it really is FUNNY. She is like GOOGLY EYE with FOODIE GOODNESS. lol

Ohhhh My pretty baby. Where did your food go? Since you are so pretty - I will be printing out these two pictures for some cropping.

On another very happy note - I am SO PROUD to say that CraftFancy opened's doors today and was BUSY!!! YEA!!!! I am so proud of my fellow Craft Critique reporter Simone! I am so happy that it was busy because a) her store is AWESOME and b) 2 miles away from the majority of the crafter friends that I know! Well not exactly 2 miles - but definately closer than Chi-TOWN!

Speaking of Craft Critique - please check it out on the 13th of this month to see my latest article. I even give a tutorial!

Okay you all - Aine and I are going to cuddle while I get some packing in!

I will update you as soon as I can! HUGS! Nan and cuddly Aine.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Tucker II

Yesterday, Aine had a very fun suprise!
"What is this?" Aine asks."Could it be me?" Thought Aine.

Hmmm ..I best call my BFF Pixie, thought Aine. Pixie is Mugsy's sister and owned by Martha.

"Hi Pixie!" Aine says "I think I got a suprise!"

"you did?" Pixie says. Pixie was currently eating din din."

"Ya ... I think so... wait! Let me check!.... yep! it is so cute I LOVE is wooden and kinda looks like PIP that you had a bit it Pip?" asked Aine

"You have Tucker II!" exclaimed Pixie
" Tucker II?" said a confused Aine.

"Mummy... Pixie says that this is Tucker II do you know who he is? " Mummy was confused... she didn't even know there was a Tucker let alone a Tucker II! . Pixie than continued...
"Remember? This is part of Pip and Tucker silly! It is for your Mummy's and My Mommy's trip to Tennessee!"
Suddenly Aine's Mummy realized who it was and *SQUEEED*!

The squee scared all, Bff Pixie, her brother, her Mommy and Daddy and even... AINE.
Aine let Mummy talk to Pixie's Mommy, Martha/pugluvn, because once this woman(Mummy) starts getting all "squee-ish" there is no stopping her.
After a about a 1/2 hour of squeeing and road trip planning... Mummy said..."Aine! We must show Tucker II around!"

*You are most right Mummy! Let me first show him my bed!" I thought out loud.

"Here is my bed... isn't it comfy? Oh you want to go asleep? Okay I will tuck you in...." said Aine.

" After all, you have many adventures waiting for you!"* Good night Tucker! " Aine said, kissing Tucker on the head.
*to be continued*
Some background on Tucker II(or T Squared, TII or Dos as we now call him). These beautifully hand carved ornaments started being passed around at so that we mad Puggy people could show off Pip and Tucker 's Travel Adventures (aka this was a way for us to show off our vacation photos! lol. ) Currently Pip has been around the world and Tucker I got lost, hence Tucker II was made!
During the time I was on a SERIOUS hiatus for the TEST, PIP became available. Unfortunately I was to late on responding ergo... Pip went to NJ!
Unbeknownst to me... Ann and Martha arranged to have TUCKER II created so that he can go with us to the SISinverary!!! I was SO surprised (and yes I DID SQUEE!) because I really thought I missed the Pip and Tucker boat as it were. I think Martha and Ann took pity on me because I have been moaning about how much I am going to miss my Aine and that I was already missing her and Ms. Aine was right besides me the whole time I was griping!! lol. *hugs to Martha, Ann and Todd for thinking of this wonderful squeeful surprise!*
I will still miss my precious Aine - but now I will be VERY preoccupied by figuring out fun and exciting "events" for T2. :)
Believe it or not - I stopped working today at 11pm!! No joke. Granted - I did take a 3 hour time off to get my hair done and grab dinner. But that was on top of being on a phone call at 6am this morning. OH. And my CPM letter is still being reviewed by HR. So upset - I really wanted that done before I left. I worked hard enough for it - you know? Anywaysss
I can't believe I can finally focus on SISinverary! I have so much to do before I leave that I best be getting to bed.
Aine will you tuck me in?
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *snores Aine*
Goodnight ya'll Nan

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

new year, new goals

Fo my birthday... I went kinda nutty with the toes. OH! And I bought Earth Shoes on Sale! So awesome are they on the feeties! Seriously I think my calfs (sp?) are defined now!
Even Ms. Aine thought I was silly. I am sure she thinks I am regressing greatly most likely.
Of course I had to put on my new favo dress and new shoes to show off the new toes. The skinniest part of my body. lol.

Than... I re-hurt my KNEE. LMAO. Can we say reality check? So now Ms. Aine is being Nurse Aine while I prop up the knee with a heating bad and administer the Advil.

Anyways... yep another year and I think I am a little bit wiser. I think. :)

I never am good at New Years Resolutions - so I try to do the "goal setting" at my bday. Last year - as you know - I accomplished a major goal of mine - became a CPM. *still all squee* and that was like my only goal. Which is bad because I gained loads of weight and had bad study*cough* eating* cough habits. So this year - here are my new goals (not in any order):

  • Take the CPSM and pass before Dec. 31, 2008
  • Get my weight down to the biggest Anthropolgie size. lol (HEY! Got to start somewhere!) so that I can basically sign my paychecks over to said fan-tabulous store.
  • spend more time crafting and reading stuff for FUN! That means committing to and following through on challenges.
  • clean out my basement and my closet.
  • attempt to get Aine certified for the good canine citzen test so she can be a READ.SIT DOG or hospital therapy dog. Joe and I always LOVED those dogs when he was in the hosptial. They really helped all the cardiac patients greatly and Aine would be a perfect therapy dog - I just have to train her!
  • get the non-paper clutter (ie bills etc) in gear and organized
  • get back to creating cards for my family and friends before there bday! I have to use all those supplies yo'all!
  • get my upstairs bathroom retiled/remodeled.
  • attempt to become a gardener of some sort (YEA RIGHT!)
  • definately paint the windows on my deck.
  • wear my contacts on a daily basis.
  • blizzards are regulated to one time a week if that!!! *needs to be followed!*
  • Need to commit to good food every day.
I can officially start the goals at 10:10 pm so I have about 12 hours or so to go crazy! lol. Also you can bet that if i say "attempt" before the goal, those are the lowest on the totem pole list of goals . Hey - I have to accomplish at least some of them! :)

Luckily - I will be accomplishing one of my goals (crafting!) really soon. You may all know that I am going to SISinersary with Martha and Peg and a whole LOADs of SISters and I AM SOOOO excited. I will be off work 2 weeks. In the South for one week and having way TO MUCH FUN and missing Ms. Aine greatly. I have never been to Tenn. so I am looking forward to this trip! I have been reading the book The Widow of the South and it is quite interesting. It is fascinating because I am going to a town where history took place - being the history minor that I was that geeks me out greatly. I also heard about Gatlenburgh(sp?) where there was a Revolutionary War settlement - can you believe that? I was shocked to hear about that. I guess my geography is all a bit screwed up because I never imagined the Revolutionary War was around areas like TENN! How sad is my knowledge or what?! Also I am on a hunt to find a Type Case and these stamps. Basically Englishy. heeeheheh

Okay I must get back to the work you all!! HUGS! Nan and Nurse Aine


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