Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ways to destress Part 2: gossip magazines and icecream

*sigh* I hate to be all debbie downerish or bring my personal life into what is supposed to be a very fun and crafty/pug loving blog, but it has been a stressful time since Thursday. My grammer school BFF M.P. (aka the Sasha in Aine's name) had a living kidney transplant and everyone has been on edge for MP and her sister Kate who was her donor.

The great news is that she and her sister are doing well but all lines of communication is coming via email. So me and my other BFF, Annie, are like crazy stressed. We can't visit her because she is in Madison Wisconsin at the transplant unit. And if you have ever been in one of those units? OI!

You would think I would be fine after the great news that she is okay but she is not out of the woods yet. Also I have had nasty flashbacks about what it was like to be waiting by my loved one's bed while in ICU. The waiting will drive anyone mad. Hence Nan is one stressed little bunny. That, and I go back to work tomorrow. :( I was informed I have to do an 11 page + job aide before Tuesday. Man will i need MAJOR coffee tomorrow. Luckily I have MP's home coming and Ali Edwards at WindyCity and the grand opening of Craft Fancy to look forward to. However, my mojo flew the coop due to all this stress. gerr.

So when one gets stressed one eats ice cream and reads gossip magazines. Luckily I didnt buy anything more than the magazines and the icecream... I almost walked out with a dress form or a WII!!!
So after icecream.. one must arrange little animals....

They are situated so I can look at them while I am working in my homeoffice. Wage and Dog were procured in Franklin TN. Oh... and let's not forget LambChop! I found out today that the creater of the puppet actually would order Lampchops in the restaurants to freak out the waiters. lol.

However all gets into perspective when Aine makes me laugh and I feel much betters...

LOL! She lokes like a Muppit in the last one.

I know I am being a worry wart but I hate it when my friends are in pain. *Gives cyper hugs to all friends* Nan and Muppit Aine


Nevis said...

(((hug))) Hope you're feeling better.

And I loooooooove LUCKY magazine!

Cricket said...

sending some prayers for your friend Nan! What a riot Aine those pics of her, they make me giggle!!

and, no fair showing that delish looking ice cream..don't you know it's my favorite-est treat in the whole world!!!???


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