Thursday, June 19, 2008

I am back ya'all!

Sorry it took me so long to update - I have been without phone or dsl since I came home. BLESPHEMY I tell ya. Seriously.
*edit* sorry about the spaces I can't fix them and the 'za is here ya all!

So here are some things I have never seen or tasted before that come from TN.....
Hay rolled up, not square bailed... pretty

tucker 2 having the BEST BISCUITS EVER. NUM.

Inappropriate signs in the Loveless Hotel Bathoom ... but hysterically funny at the same time.

Entering the bible belt....

Pugs in pink Helen Wigs

Amazing antiques... MINE!

Wigwam Hotel 2

Oh man I had so much fun on this trip! Thanks much to Martha and SISTV! I can't wait to go back! Hugs all! Nan


Bekka said...

Hehe -- love your photos! Thanks for you sweet comments on my blog! I made the ATC using -- it's basic version is free, and it's so much fun to play around with. (It also links to flickr accounts.)

Cassandra West said...

Nan it was so wonderful to meet you too!! Your so cute!! Love your pug photos!!

Cassandra West said...
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Nevis said...

Sounds like you had a blast. I can't wait to see what you scrapped. AND those buiscuts did look absolutly delicious!

Drama Mama said...

that was too funny! the sign is great I think my hubby might need those pills LOL
luv ya

Cricket said...

sounds and looks like you had a fab time!!

welcome home!


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