Monday, June 9, 2008

Road Trip!

Aine and i are going on vaction. I am going with Martha to SISinverary and good old TENNESSEE ya'ALL! I have never been to the South so I am like UBER excited. Remember, this is the Chicago girl that went to Uni not knowing what the heck a Bale of Hay was... I thought hay came in cornstalks! lol. ANYWAYS. I am excited. I have already been making a list of fun stuff to get from antique stores and the like - because if I don't I will be broke by the time I get home and that won't be good! Martha and I will have our cameras and Flip with us - so we will update when we can. Oh man it is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!! *squee* I can't wait to meet all my SISters!! I hope they like the ATC's that I made.

I have been "missing Aine mode" since last week and I have not even left yet! I decided to hang with the baby because I wanted to have some more cuddle time with her. She is very cuddly lately. She knows something is up.

Aine's mini vacation is hanging with Dave the dogwalker. He is so great - I mean? he puts up with ME!! lol.

Considering Aine literally ate a hole in her new bag of food, I thought we would do that packing first.

FOOOOOOOODDD!!!! Sorry this is such a crappy picture but it really is FUNNY. She is like GOOGLY EYE with FOODIE GOODNESS. lol

Ohhhh My pretty baby. Where did your food go? Since you are so pretty - I will be printing out these two pictures for some cropping.

On another very happy note - I am SO PROUD to say that CraftFancy opened's doors today and was BUSY!!! YEA!!!! I am so proud of my fellow Craft Critique reporter Simone! I am so happy that it was busy because a) her store is AWESOME and b) 2 miles away from the majority of the crafter friends that I know! Well not exactly 2 miles - but definately closer than Chi-TOWN!

Speaking of Craft Critique - please check it out on the 13th of this month to see my latest article. I even give a tutorial!

Okay you all - Aine and I are going to cuddle while I get some packing in!

I will update you as soon as I can! HUGS! Nan and cuddly Aine.

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Nevis said...

Have a wonderful trip. Be very inspired and creative!!!

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