Monday, June 23, 2008

Pug question ....

I recently received a comment on my article in Craft Critique, where did I get my Pug Aine (or B.A.G.S)??
I wish this was a simple answer, but no decision on owning an animal is simple.
My soupbox is this -please research the dog breed you want before buying a dog. You will also need to understand or research what you can and cannot take in an animal. A dog is a commitment. It is not an accessory that can just be dumped off when you don't feel like you can't take it anymore.

Okay - end of soup box - but please read on to why I feel this way.

Buddy was the first dog my hubby and I owned. He was a great dog until something *happened*. I am not blaming everything on Buddy, I am blaming a lot of it on myself and my hubby. We were the idiots. We didn't research the breed. We didn't know what we wanted nor what we could handle. We thought every dog was just *great*. We were just plain wrong in that assumption.

After many agressive tendencies and two dog speciality traning schools, Buddy went to an animal behaviorist because he was missing the process to recognize me and Joe as his master/owner. We had to put him on prozac. Sadly, after the third bite to my face that required 10 stiches, and a police report against my dog, I along with my vet had to make the very sad decision to put Buddy down. It was one of the hardest decisions that I had to make in my life. By this time, I had lived through my own illness and my husband's illness and death. I was sick of making decisions and I didn't want to make this one at all.

My vet knew Buddy since he was 8 weeks old. He saw the progression and provided much advise on this subject. Ultimately it was my decision and I don't regret what I had to do even though it still breaks my hear to think about it. I just know that Buddy is hanging out with Joey in Heaven and all is okay now :)

So when I realized I wanted another dog, I made sure things would be different. I researchd the breeds I wanted. Believe me, I was so dead set on a corgi, but after much research I realized a hearding breed was not for me. Herding breeds need RULES and consistent RULES. Also they need 2 hours of exercise a day. After much deliberation, I decided on a pug.

Pugs have their pros and cons as well. If you are interested in a pug remember this, they do not take excessive heat or cold well at all. Seriously, my air conditions goes on at 85 degrees for her! Aine also sheds like crazy - I mean sometimes she thinks her fur bunnies are her own pets. lol Pugs also think they are humans and will be with your 24x7 - which I love personally. Also, I knew she would nip at me, but I also knew that I wouldn't get 10 stiches in my face from her little mouth. :)

I was not going to go to a shelter because I had a HORRID experience with the shelter from where I got Buddy. They seriously yelled at me and put me on a do not adopt list without knowing what the real story was when Buddy died. So I decided to go with a reputiable breeder. Which let me tell ya - that is hard to find.

I finally found one and I still talk to her to this day. She welcomed the questions and the fact that I wanted to see what the temperment was before I bought the dog. I saw Aine at 3 weeks to pick her, than again at 6 weeks and I finally took her home at 8 weeks. No question was stupid for my breeder. She wanted to make sure her babies were fine and in good homes. In fact, Aine's 1/2 brothers live not far from me and we all remain in touch and sometimes have play dates together.

Even though I had a horrid experience with a shelter, I do believe in shelters and breed rescues but I do not believe in puppy mills or buying your dogs from a store. If you saw the Oprah show on puppy mills, you would totally "get it".
Currently, I am not in the market for another puggy, believe me I would love one, but I also know my personal monitary limits and fears. However, the next one will definately be from a breed rescue. Now if I win the lotto? Screw the fears, Nan is having a pug RANCH. Of course, Aine will not be pleased with the thought of sharing cuddles with her many and brothers and sisters....

As you can see Aine, is confused about that whole "sharing" of love thought.
HUGS and happy research! Nan and Aine


tonya said...
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tonya said...
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tonya said...

So sorry you had to go through that. I can't even imagine. {hug}

I do agree with your advice. When hubby and I decided to get a pug we didn't do our research. We soon found out what we did wrong. I didn't check out the breeder, but I wouldn't give Buster up for anything. But he does have a lot of health problems, which gets expensive. But I love him and he is our kid. I just had no idea that they shed so much. But again I wouldn't give him up for anything. He's my baby and we love him.

Nevis said...

Very sorry to hear that about Buddy. I know what you mean about research. I researched all sorts of breeds (including pugs) for about three months before settling on getting a pug. Then we also made the decision to get two pugs so that when we weren't home they could entertain each other since they're companion dogs and get lonely. And yes, it was hard to find a good, repudile breeder. As it was, little Ruki was a resuce from a puppy mill. She acts differently from Poley (who came from the breeder) and she's smaller.

(hugs 2 you!)

Mary Ellen said...

Oh Lordy I love pugs. Have you read the book by the late Margo Kaufmann about her pug Clara? She said "Pugs are proof that God has a sense of humor". I currently have a grandpug named Sofie. She's black and sooooooo darling. And smart as a whip. My fawn pug Dexter lives in heaven. I lost him at five years to pug dog encephalitis. You guessed it - an Ohio puppy mill. It broke my heart. Love your site - I'll come visit again.

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