Friday, June 6, 2008

Tucker II

Yesterday, Aine had a very fun suprise!
"What is this?" Aine asks."Could it be me?" Thought Aine.

Hmmm ..I best call my BFF Pixie, thought Aine. Pixie is Mugsy's sister and owned by Martha.

"Hi Pixie!" Aine says "I think I got a suprise!"

"you did?" Pixie says. Pixie was currently eating din din."

"Ya ... I think so... wait! Let me check!.... yep! it is so cute I LOVE is wooden and kinda looks like PIP that you had a bit it Pip?" asked Aine

"You have Tucker II!" exclaimed Pixie
" Tucker II?" said a confused Aine.

"Mummy... Pixie says that this is Tucker II do you know who he is? " Mummy was confused... she didn't even know there was a Tucker let alone a Tucker II! . Pixie than continued...
"Remember? This is part of Pip and Tucker silly! It is for your Mummy's and My Mommy's trip to Tennessee!"
Suddenly Aine's Mummy realized who it was and *SQUEEED*!

The squee scared all, Bff Pixie, her brother, her Mommy and Daddy and even... AINE.
Aine let Mummy talk to Pixie's Mommy, Martha/pugluvn, because once this woman(Mummy) starts getting all "squee-ish" there is no stopping her.
After a about a 1/2 hour of squeeing and road trip planning... Mummy said..."Aine! We must show Tucker II around!"

*You are most right Mummy! Let me first show him my bed!" I thought out loud.

"Here is my bed... isn't it comfy? Oh you want to go asleep? Okay I will tuck you in...." said Aine.

" After all, you have many adventures waiting for you!"* Good night Tucker! " Aine said, kissing Tucker on the head.
*to be continued*
Some background on Tucker II(or T Squared, TII or Dos as we now call him). These beautifully hand carved ornaments started being passed around at so that we mad Puggy people could show off Pip and Tucker 's Travel Adventures (aka this was a way for us to show off our vacation photos! lol. ) Currently Pip has been around the world and Tucker I got lost, hence Tucker II was made!
During the time I was on a SERIOUS hiatus for the TEST, PIP became available. Unfortunately I was to late on responding ergo... Pip went to NJ!
Unbeknownst to me... Ann and Martha arranged to have TUCKER II created so that he can go with us to the SISinverary!!! I was SO surprised (and yes I DID SQUEE!) because I really thought I missed the Pip and Tucker boat as it were. I think Martha and Ann took pity on me because I have been moaning about how much I am going to miss my Aine and that I was already missing her and Ms. Aine was right besides me the whole time I was griping!! lol. *hugs to Martha, Ann and Todd for thinking of this wonderful squeeful surprise!*
I will still miss my precious Aine - but now I will be VERY preoccupied by figuring out fun and exciting "events" for T2. :)
Believe it or not - I stopped working today at 11pm!! No joke. Granted - I did take a 3 hour time off to get my hair done and grab dinner. But that was on top of being on a phone call at 6am this morning. OH. And my CPM letter is still being reviewed by HR. So upset - I really wanted that done before I left. I worked hard enough for it - you know? Anywaysss
I can't believe I can finally focus on SISinverary! I have so much to do before I leave that I best be getting to bed.
Aine will you tuck me in?
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *snores Aine*
Goodnight ya'll Nan


kim brimhall said...

Only five more days missy:) woohoo!!!

love, me

Allie said...

Sqqquuuueeeeee! you'll have to keep Tucker around for our visit!!!


Nevis said...

Have oodles of fun at SIStvinvisrary! :)

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