Sunday, April 5, 2009

Well ...

I am quite excited... the shoppe is shaping up and that means I have a new blog!

I am going to try the world of typepad and see how it goes so this blog won't be closing anytime soon.

Hugs all and I hope to see you at my new shoppe and blog! HUGS Nan and Aine

nope. I wasn't playing hockey

but it sure looks like it! My front teeth chipped again - thank you popcorn. *sigh*. I am just glad my favo BlackHawk Hockey player - Patrick Kane - got something similar happen to him in a game not so long ago.

So *yea* off to the dentist we go. I think we will craft now!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

busy busy

We have been busy...

With stealing heating pads.

with last springs snowblowing. yes this was Sunday morning

than Sunday AFTERNOON. ugh. Well at least the snowblower is ready to be stowed away for the winter.
and finally busy busy busy with my new sewing FEET! I have been crazy busy with setting up my ETSY shop *bounces with glee*
Yes that candy is for energy. :)
Stay tuned for more news! Nan and Heating Pad Stealer - Aine.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


how we do things...

with lazy sunny Sundays

enjoying each sunbeam
and the general crazyness that is the world.

(A twilight UMBRELLA. lmao.)

Monday, March 16, 2009

#1 reason why

I need to photograph in the daylight!
Lol - the back bow looks like it is sitting on top of her head!
TONGUE! Love it

I was to slow to get the video camera to get her running with a golf bowl in the mouth.
IT was so funny.


Here is a small video of Ms Aine.

Ah what a cutie. She has me twisted around her little paw. *sigh*

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Friend Jenny.. no Blythe.. NO Chrissa?

FROM THIS --(My Friend Jenny was the first non-baby doll that I truely loved. I love her so much she is still with me. Albiet, sitting in the basement. )
TO THIS. (And now. I have a BLYTHE. YES. Kill me now)

"ADG Golden Goddess" in an amazingly horrid 70's dress - you can see Aine can't stand her.
Here she is in her new dress and braided hair.
And I can't stand it. This Blythe doll creeps me out but at the same time I am like IT IS SO COOL. I don't know how to describe it - but if you look at it one way - you are like WOW. Than if you look at it another way - you are like what is wrong with that thing?! I can see the inside of it's head via the eyes? EW!! And um? Isn't this a bobble head type of doll? WHAT am I DOING?!! I mean - sewing clothes? All done by hand. I mean - I never had a barbie (I know! I was disadvantaged!) but the body has to be akin to a Barbie doll - ie almost impossible to make clothes for. How do people do this?

I have yet to name her. I am thinking since I got her right before my Mom's bday - the Ides of March. I might just call her Idey, Idea or Ides. LOL Don't worry, I will not be altering her. I can't bear to tear apart a book let alone a doll. No - siry-bob - I mean - there was a reason why I left nursing so don'thya be thinking that I am going to start operating on my dolls eyes?! Um NO. And that is a promise.

Now I am thinking about procuring this cuttie - all because the story behind the doll is that she is a CRAFTER and her grandma taught her how to craft. Oh and don't you know she and her grandma sew and craft in her grandma's sunlit backroom! *hits head* Seriously now, they need to STOP playing with my childhood memories. And UM HELLO does she NOT look like My Friend Jenny above? but with BLUE EYES?! Also, will you look at that craft table? *flails* I mean - the sewing machine feet goes up and down and them there are some real knitting needles! How cool iS THAT? No worries - I won't be buying the craft table no matter how nifty cool it is. Chrissa though? Hmmmm.
No matter what - though all these little "phases" I know my true friend. MY FRIEND AINE.

Aww such a precious baby who is healing betters every day. Today we had our first outing and I will post pictures tomorrow. :)
Hugs all! Nan and zzing Aine.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

oh nos


Aine has a new dress just in time for St. Patty's day and my mom's b-day tomorrow! WOOT.

Yes I do anything to not do taxes. *sigh*

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