Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Sorry guys - The link didn't work on my previous entry...

Here is the link to my review of the Recipe Idea Box by Elsie Flannigan. I LOVE the Recipe Box and I encourage you all to try it! If you get into those "I got no SCRAP MOJO" ruts - this will get you out it lickityslickity. :) I know my mojo has been flying high ever since reading this book. I really hope Elsie makes another book!

Btw -you know what I like most about Craft Critique ? The breath of information you can find. The other day I learned about Inktense Pencils and Prismacolor art markers . I no diddly on those topics so it was really fun to learn about that medium.

Anyways - Must RUN! HUGs ya all... Nan


java diva said...

Nan, thanks so much for answering my ? about the recipe box! I am going to check it out this week!
Maybe I can find it at Craft Fancy when I visit in Oct!

Cricket said...

I have been doing some serious reading on Craft Critique...totally learned how to do the Prismacolor pencils and baby oil thing..

Have a great day Nan!


Nevis said...

one of the things I like about Craft Critique is the various different stuff. Like silpats. And pens. Products and stuff I wouldn't normally look at, at the craft store. It really gets ideas into your head.

Also the samples people come up with are usually really cool!

TracyP said...

Ooh thanks for the link Nan! I will have to try that.I have added your blog as well:)
Thanks for the info:)

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