Sunday, August 3, 2008


I just finished Breaking Dawn.

I think it is SMeyers best book to date - so much so - I can't even go geeky Twi-Hard on you all. *IS AMAZED*

I was the first to tear Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse to shreds - but this book - BD - has restored my faith in the fact that SMeyers really can spin a story and write some captivating literature. Yes, you heard it - Literature. Yes it could be the BD Fog I am currently in or the fact that I have had no java today? But DAMN. I am impressed.

I mean... I READ THE SPOILERS and I was not "spoiled" when reading the book. Usually when you read the spoilers you are like *read* blah blah blhahhhh * read* and your are done with the book in 4 hours. .

Not this book.

Every word was engaging and I felt like I went through the emotions just like the characters in the book. When they were worried - I was worried, when they were sad, I almost cried. Why that connection happened - I have no idea. There were times where I was just so grossed out but at the same time needed to find out what happened.

I am emotionally and mentally exaused and glad I know that this series is over... from Bella's point of view. :)

Do I think she is as good as JKRowling... nope. Sorry SMeyers. But you are the queen of emotional connections.

And with that... real life and a soon to be washed puggy beckens... :)

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Nevis said...

I agree with you...BD was the best of the Twilight series. Definatly better than the others. And no, she isn't JKRowling.

Hey- is BD the last of the series? No more about Bella and Edward and Jacob and Nessie and everyone else? This is the last?

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