Friday, August 22, 2008

Congrats to Ms. MARTHA the FABO and fyi about my masthead

Hi ya all... I just wanted to respond to some of the comments I received from the previous post ... I DO LOVE my current masthead that was created by the lovely MARTHA. Believe you me - she does amazing work - I can't hold a candle to it!! In fact - lets all give PROPS to Ms Martha because she just got chosen for the DESIGN TEAM AT SASSAFRAS!! SO PROUD OF YOU GIRLY!!! YIPPEEE!! *hugs ya* You are so talented! CONGRATS!

Believe you me - if my attempt at a new masthead is not up to par - I will keep the one I have now! :) Afterall it is a MARTHA original!!!

Also yes! Thank you Cricket for reminding me about the LOVELY SIS CROP we are going to be at tomorrow at CraftFancy!

Today I have so much to get ready for the crop...
  • pick out my favo yoga pants for said crop.... ;) JUST KIDDIN !
  • make mango salsa and brushetta
  • PACK for the crop - gosh is it hard to do at times!
  • Run to docs, run to get hair done. try to get some sleep

OH ya - and than there is a thing called WORK! Lol

Have a great weekend ya all! Nan

1 comment:

Cricket said...'s almost crop time!!! See ya soon girly!!


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