Saturday, August 16, 2008

Holy inspirational BATMAN.

Even though I am functioning on oh say, 4 hours of sleep, I have been quite the crafty person this weekend.

1) A Perfect Match --- my BFF MP received a kidney from her sister, Kate. I made the following and I was so happy that they really liked it! The below softy of a kidney is HUGE and it going to be embroidered with *Olga, My home GIRLY!* I was suprised at how comfy it was if I must say so myself! MP is also getting a Olga 101 manual too. I have to create that as well. See? She named her new kidney OLGA.

b) BEST BOOK EVER. Love Elsie, Recipe Idea Box. Look for my review on Monday or Tuesday at Craft Critique. Here is the layout I did.

c) Inspired by Martha Bonneau . Martha taught the BEST CLASS EVER at Craft Fancy this weekend. I mean a) she is so prepared - I she came with M&M's!! *flails* b) I love this idea! c) The class had a huge showing and the ladies were all inspirational. What inspires me?Of course a crown... and a puppeh....Sewing is an inspirational must!

Lets not forget the movies and the snarky comments! They are from Lucky You - but I can't find their website ANYWHERE. Such CUTE STUFF.

d) Scanning old pictures... check these OUT. I can't wait to scrap each and every one of them. Such beautiful vintage pictures of my immediate family.

e) FUN STUFF.. from Lucky You.. was bought.

F)And this this is the aftermath! I still have to do some cards too! *argh!* of course I had to sneak an Aine picture in here. She is trying to sneak a felting thingy! Naughty PUG!

I hope you had as fun a weekend I had! HUGS! Nan


Nevis said...

Sounds (and looks) like you had a great time at the class! :)

Martha Bonneau said...

Dang! you are on a crafting roll!!!!

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