Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bad blogger is moi

I have been such a bad blogger - because I have been CRAFTING!! This is the third of my aprons on Frannie. Sorry for the crap photo - but it was taken on my cell and I wanted to post this like - 3 days ago! lol.
I love this apron - I may make one for me! I hope it is "boheimian" enough for my neice. She is way into Anthro so I hope she likes it!
I now have 2 more to go for the girls - but than I realized I really should do about 2 more (so that makes it a total of 4!) for other famly members as well. LOL.
Next up - the beginnings of my wall hanging. SQUEE! SO FUN all this sewing and stiching IS.
On a side note - Tomorrow is going to be fun - I am going to my work's holiday party and this is the first time we are doing a White Elephant exchange. I am tasked with taking pictures and such so this will be a lot of fun. I just hope I remember everything! :)
Also how about this for a Work team meeting - - Wii Wine and CHEESE! WOOT! And to make it even better? I will be off for a week! *does happy dance* I AM GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN. *SQUEEE!*
Okay Aine is calling me to bed... Talk to you soon!
PS guess what Santa got me for xmas?!


Cricket said...

LOVE the apron Nan! I'm sure your niece is going to adore it!!

Have fun at the party!!!

WHAT?? What did Santa bring you????


IamSusie said...

Oh My Gosh, Nan! That apron is all kinds of adorable. We missed you last night at our CCC meeting. I hope you can come in January!

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