Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Update from under the Xmas Tree...

Yes this has been my life... seriously the most physical pain experienced ever. Luckily I am feeling better but I am still not there - I couldn't go to my wonderful Copic Club Class at Craft Fancy due to said pain. See, I either have to walk or lay on the floor. Sitting is for 5 minute spurts only and I have been going to the chiro every day and luckily getting better. I cant wait to get better so that I can start working out with my core so that THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN AGAIN. *is beyond determined*
Yes, we are sleeping on the floor under the watchful eye of Nurse Aine. She looks worried. For reals - Aine has been a true gem...

Lifesavers. Bless Thermacare peeps.

Finished the 4th apron in my rang of pain and having to move in order to get better. I am so happy - I did my first ever button HOLE!! YEA! and gathering! I have yet to sew the poms on - but I think my 21 year old neice will like it no?

A pattern needing to be that I am getting my mojo back - it maybe stiched tonight - not much to do whilst on the back staring at the ceiling.
A card I created last week pre-nastyness with the wet heavy leaves. Ifinally got to get to use my punch, Stamp Rite, and Japanese GLITTER

So that has been my life - I am bound and determined to go to work tomorrow because I am getting cabin fever extremely bad due to said floor. Sad, but extremely true. Also I am "supposed" to be on holiday next week - so I want to wish my team mates happy xmas!
Okay I have to get back to the floor! Hugs Nan and Nurse Aine. PS Sorry the pictures are crap - I could only use my iphone due to reaching ability or lack there of.

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