Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fifth Apron... DONE!

YEA! I am finally done with the neice's aprons! This is Clara's who is about 8 years old. I hope she likes it because I love this fabric from - can you believe it - IKEA?! This is literally 3 different fabrics! I love the way the fabric is so detailed - especially in the waist band.
This has been such a fun FUN project. I learned so many new bits about sewing. I mean - I did my first button hole! *does happy dance* I know you are like - HUH? Long story - but trust me - It is pretty exciting!

Now I have to finish 4 more aprons! lol. One for a person at work - one for my other neice not going to be at the party, and than for my 2 sisters!
Yep - you guessed it - I am up and about - well at least a lot more than I was - so I am not wasting any time. I am so happy that I am sewing again... I have so much to do besides these very fun aprons. I have yet to do my xmas cards!
Another fun challenge? An album for my aunt's 85 bday- You should see the pictures - I love 'em. I want to get all my sewing out of the way so I can focus on one medium at a time! lol.
Oh that reminds me - I AM OFF NEXT WEEK! Oh so much fun sewing, crafting, scrapping, painting, baking STUFF TO DO! Oh and than there is wrapping of the gifts!!!

Thank you all for sending me the following xmas cards...I ran out of room...

And this is what Aine thinks of all this hub bub...

WAIT! is that something on the TELLY?

Have a great weekend everyone! HUGS! Nan and Aine


Cricket said...

The apron is ADORABLE!!! So glad to hear you are feeling better and back at the machine!! Hope you enjoy your week off and get in tons of crafty time!!

You never did send me your addy it now!! LOL


Nevis said...

Very cute apron! And love Aine!

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