Friday, December 5, 2008


I have started reading The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman and it is a very fun read so far. It is about a little boy who wonders into a graveyard after his parents are murdered. If he stays in the graveyard, he will be safe from the murderer. The boy called - Nobody Owens or "Bod" is a is the only "live boy" who has received the Freedom of the Graveyard So far so good, also a little Twilight trivia factoid....who is the murder of his parents? A vampire! Neil was inspired by his daughters love for the Twilight book! However, it is never mentioned in the book that the killer is one - Neil mentioned in a an interview recently.

Anyways... Neil's writing is very interesting and fun... I have been lurking on his blog for a bit as well as I have heard about one of his books being made into a movie - a new stop motioned movie - Coraline - from the makers of Nightmare before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach. I have yet to read the graphic novel, but dang the movie looks great!

Well, how sweet is this? The creators of the movie (in Oregon!) sent to 50 of their favorite bloggers and/or websites a very unique and handmade gifty. A Coraline BOX! Read on to find out what each one received.

The best part about each of these boxes is the following (from Fashionista Piraha:)
The key to the kingdom.At the bottom of the box was a small, old-fashioned key with a tag attached. It is this key that I pass on to you! Go to and enter the password "puppetlove" to watch a short video of Henry Selick describing the relationship between the puppets and the film creators.
There are several more passwords which will let you see a variety of vignettes:
sweaterxxs" is my favorite by far - it focuses on the knitted garments Coraline and other characters wear. Each one is created by hand using the tiniest little knitting needles!

For reals! the sweaters created for this puppet are gorgeous and so TINY. Also I love Coraline's hair and nails. I have her nailpolish already and I think when the movie comes out (Feb 2009 *boo!*) I might just wear it! :)

On a very sad note, tomorrow is the 4th Anniv of my hubby's death. Happy St. Nicholas's day everyone! May you have a great weekend and remember to always give, rather than receive.

Which reminds me... I need to mail out some IOU RAKS! :) Sorry guys! I just now have time to send 'em!

Hugs all Nan and Aine.


Cricket said...

I've just started hearing about Coraline...must check it out!!

Hugs to you girlfriend on the anniversary..I didn't get to blogging yesterday, sorry.

talk to you soon..

Nevis said...

**hugs** to you...will keep you in thoughts/prayers during this time!

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