Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Meet Frannie

*wavies to friends out in cyberland*
I am back from a much needed vacation. It was a fun crafty vacation filled with lots of sleeping, crafting, shopping for said crafting, going to movies, seeing old friends and eating loads of not good for ya food. :) I saw Twilight and 4 Christmas's plus rented loads of very fun movies and tv shows. Let's just say Torchwood needs to get over to the world of free tv sometimes SOON gosh darn it. Way addicting this show is... and the star is from Rockford, IL!! WOOT! *Illinois represent!*
Okay let's get down to meeting Frannie.... She is blue, she is adjustable, and she is about to be used for many many MANY sewing experiments. Yes, you all guessed it... I finally got a dress form! *does happy dance* It was on major sale at Joanne's so I couldn't pass it up. It will need to be padded but jeez is it helping me already!
Frannie is helping me make 6 aprons. (YES SIX!) for the cousins xmas cookie day of madness that comes to a head in a few weeks. I am having SO.MUCH.FUN. with her and these aprons. Two aprons are done and I am more than 3/4ths of the way done on the third. Luckily I have the patterns and the material - I plan to complete the rest this weekend! WEEE.
Here is the one for my 13 year old neice:
Here is the one for my 16 year old neice - but it is missing some detail at the top. I am stichin her nickname on it -she - I hope - will like it! Peeps my lovely neice is six feet tall ya ALL... so Frannie came in really handy. If not, the pocket would be so wonky.
Speaking of Stichin......
This along 7 year old neices soon to be Wee Wonderful's Girls Apron I promised my her last week. I love adding my little touches to the stichen - it just seems to personalize it - you know?
What else? OH I organized my flossies.... and made a gift for my Pug Secret Santa from Japanese stich books.
and I *hangs head* bought more books on dogs, history, felting, stichen and *gasp* clothing(Japanese to boot!) But with the help of Frannie - I know I will be able to do it! *IS DETERMINED!*
So glad to be bloggin and stichin again! *hugs all* Nan and Aine


Cricket said...

sounds like you had a great vacation and visit with your friend! Love all your new are quite the crafty girl aren't you!!??

So, what did you think of Twilight??


Nevis said... said you saw Twilight but you didn't mention if you liked it!?

Tracy Lathrop said...

I am so glad to hear that the vacation was awesome and friend time was had!! Love the aprons and Frannie totally rocks I must say! So was Twilight what you had hoped? Amy and I went with her oldest Abigail and we had a blast especially listening to all the young girls sighs!! Lol!!

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