Sunday, October 21, 2007

Boxing rocks my socks man.

best kinda of picture I could get with a crap camera phone!

fighter JOE.with the back of hot boxers....

For those of you have not heard... I volunteered at AIBA - IE The world wide Boxing Association which is an Olympic qualifier.My company is on the 2016 bid and they wanted a lot of folks to help out - since it was downtown - and not in bofu egypt, I was happy to help! There were so many shifts available - especially if you were a guy that loved boxing. I opted for the chatty cathy greeter. Here is what happened:

  • Got to fulfill my "BAH BYE!" type of airline stewdess dreams! God I annoyed myself! But I had loads of fun.
  • Chi-Town cops are SO fun. Omg - I was a greeter on Monroe street and since there was really nothing going on - the cops were talking to me about all this great stuff. From CSI to how there is special team for cops that know additional languages. WAS COOL.
  • Some people are WEIRD. Basically? This volunteer who WOULD NOT LEAVE MY SIDE and had CLOSE TALKER ISSUES (found out he was a senior exec at Bose Allen) was majorly getting into trouble with the head Volunteers. So when you volunteer, most people think - okay - I am there to help out - etc etc. NO. THIS guy? He did his own thing. Would leave with out telling people, decide to take his own jobs when he felt like it *hits head* I was like DUDE. Sorry but what don't you get about the word VOLUNTEER?!!? I *think* due to him pissing people and me off... he got asked to leave.... I feel bad but he did say and I quote... "do they need me here? Becuase if not I have OTHER and MANY things to do." I looked at him dumbfounded and said - um? We all signed up for a shift from 9am to 3pm... SO what gives here? *rolls eyes*
  • The food was FABULOUS... but their was no desert. YES it made sense... but I never saw a bunch of ladies say... WHERES THE DESSERT?! NO DESSERT? Ohhhhhhhh
  • God Boxers come in all shapes and sizes. I met the New Zeeland team and than saw the sole person from Australia. I swear to GOD he looked like he was 12 -than I saw the BEAUTIFUL tattoo across his shoulders. I was like DANG! you are TINY man! But was he sweet as can be!
  • A Georgia playa winked at me. LOL. HE WAS HOT!
  • What else? OH! Got to talk to the person who takes dooping tests! LOL. It was FASCIATING. Basically do you know mary jane is not illegal for Snowboards but it is for jokeys? She was saying that each sport is totally different. Also? They do suprise checks! I was like OMG!
  • Also dang - you should have seen the uniform! I got a tshirt, a hat and a JACKET. Of course some people felt like they HAD to wear turtle necks with it *shakes head* WHY do people do that?! Seriously hate turtlenecks!
  • What else? OH on the scrapbooking front. Got my ZB kit I was like hmmmm. hmmm. Also I need to really start a scrapbooking journal so I dont forget WHAT TO SCRAP.
  • Dang it - I am behind in 4 cards! I have to get stepping on those cards. I should really just finish it off for the rest of the year!

  • Nighties! nan and aine

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