Monday, February 4, 2008

one down - 3 more to go! (A.K.A. still on hiatus!)

*pstt psst* I passed my first testing module... now onto the next three! Let me tell you, this test was HARD. I dont know if I can post on Aine's b-day(cough Feb 23/cough) because I bought more books to study even more!

I am really REALLY trying to make Sunday a "non-study day" so that I can stay focused and actually have a life of some sort. So this Sunday I did:

Okay must get back to it! I take my next test at the end of Feb. HUGS ALL. Nan and Aine


Nevis said...

Congrats on passing your first testing module with FLYING COLORS! (Okay, I added that last bit, but I'm sure you did!) ;)

Martha Bonneau said...

Huge congrats...i knew you would do fine due to all of the positive puggy vibes we were sending your way :)

kim brimhall said...

YaY i finally found your blog...its super cool. hoping you remember me!

kim brimhall said...

woo hoo for blogs!! so OF COURSE you can email me. at yahoo...kimberlybrimhall
that's also my messenger name (so forward of me cuz not like you asked)LOL.

i remember you, but i didn't get to talk to you much. found out that you were a SUPER person through stalking your blog!

so that pic on shutter sisters was taken at my dining table(its black) and i only showed half my face because i had major breakouts (damn adult acne) and i was just tryin to get my 365 pic. so if you ever wanna borrow that table feel free...LOL

good luck on your tests!!
ill be waiting for your email;)

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